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Aug 21, 2012 09:29 AM

Recommendation for anniversary dinner in Boston this Friday?

Hi Chowhounds. Can you help me out? It's our 10th anniversary on Friday and we just managed to find a babysitter. My plan is for my husband to come meet me in the Seaport/Fort Point area (where I work), maybe have a cocktail at Sam's overlooking the water, and then walk somewhere and have a nice dinner. Any ideas about where we should have dinner in Boston, ideally that's within about a 20-minute walk from here? (We could also take the T or drive.) I thought about Trade since it's an easy walk away and seems like the kind of fun place we don't ordinarily get to go to, but I think it will be too loud and maybe a little more casual than I would like for this occasion. Usually we go out in Cambridge, and for a special dinner we might try Bondir, TW Food, or Oleana. A tasting menu would be a nice plus. I tried Menton and we are on their waiting list.

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  1. Meritage might work - walkable, great view of the harbor - I haven't eaten there in about a year but I liked it and I think others on the board have liked it more recently. More fun, but less formal might be Les Zygomates - good live jazz and nice french bistro but also a lot noisier! The fancy restaurant at Legal's Harborside on the second floor might be good but I found the whole place very noisy which spoils it for me.

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      Les Zygs is great, but it can get super loud. Add the live jazz to the equation and it can be pretty hard to carry a conversation depending on where you're seated.

    2. Market
      Bistro du Midi
      Grill 23
      Second Floor-Legal Harborside
      B&G Oyster

      1. since it's such a special occasion, i would encourage you to accept the idea of a cab, so you can go wherever you like the menu best.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions. It wasn't easy finding a table on short notice -- unfortunately, our anniversary always falls on Restaurant Week! We had an excellent meal at Market: a verdant pea soup, crispy chicken with a lemongrass corn sauce (who knew lemongrass goes so well with corn?), and a lemon buttermilk pudding cake that they should really add to their normal menu.