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Aug 21, 2012 09:20 AM

Artisanal Creamery - open????

I have been tring to reach Artisanal Creamery in Glendale on the phone for several days now but no answer and no message... I drove do there last week and found that the place was closed but it was the day we had very heavy rain... Does anyone know if Artisanal Creamery in Glendale is still open...?

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  1. Hi stevec418,

    I don't know what the phone situation is at Artisianal Creamery at the moment but I went just this past weekend and had a delicious raspberry sorbet milkshake.

    Artisanal Creamery typically opens in May and stays open through the end of September (perhaps even a little into October if it stays unseasonably warm).

    I just checked their web site and it looks as though it has been revamped since I last visited. Here's a link:

    My hunch is the temporary closing was due to the heavy rainstorm. Just down the road on Cooper Avenue is where Sister Claudia and two friends almost drowned:

    Thank heavens they were all right. Although I must question the wisdom of the Daily News in using a rather unfortunate web address that ends in "flash flood nun puddle."

    Anyway, I hope you can go. Keep your eyes on the skies!


    Glendale is hungry...

    1. Hi again stevec418,

      I was just at Artisanal Creamery today and learned that they are closing for the season this Friday (September 7, 2012). This is unusual for them as in the past they have stayed open well into September (at least on weekends) and one year they were open until the beginning of October.

      If you haven't been yet and don't want to wait until May of 2013 to go, you'll have to do so by Friday.


      Glendale is hungry...