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Aug 21, 2012 09:01 AM

Noodles in Theater District/Hell's Kitchen

I know there are a ton of ramen threads on this board, but I can't seem to find any recommendations for something near the Signature Theater on 42nd and 10th. Are there any good ramen or other noodle bars in the area?

Thanks much.

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    1. Tabata Noodle is close by.

      1. Tabata Noodle is the closest. Totto is also reasonably nearby, but I find that the wait there is usually too long for a pre-theatre dinner. I also like Sapporo on 49th near 7th Ave.

        1. Totto is my favourite ramen joint in the city and I much prefer it to Sapporo (doesn't help that Sapporo raised their prices by about 30% in the last year or two). I find that on certain days you can get into Totto relatively quickly (< 30 min wait) if you get there by 6:30. Not sure if that's feasible in your case.

          1. We tried Sapporo yesterday. My 12 year-old, who has eaten a lot of ramen, really liked the texture of the noodles, but found the broth of her misoramen too salty. She's had misoramen before, so I don't think the issue was one of being unfamiliar with the concept.

            I have an injured hand and some chopstick challenges, so I had side dishes. The 3 piece gyoza appetizer was excellent, as was the cold tofu dish. The shrimp shumai were sweet, but pretty tasty. Wakame salad was a bit dull.

            Also, warning, Sapporo is cash only.