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Aug 21, 2012 08:50 AM

Wolverine Grill (Ypsilanti)--new owner

The old Wolverine Grill on Michigan Ave has reopened under new ownership. (I visited as part of the Historic Home Tour on Sunday.) The place is cleaned up, but retains its lunch counter, spinning stools, & neon sign c. 1950s. New owner has updated the menu, including some local sourcing (Ugly Mug coffee). Open for breakfast & lunch.
Looks promising!

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  1. Went today with my teen-age son. A basic diner/lunch counter menu: omelettes, blt, burgers, veggie burgers, chicken-noodle soup. Things were cooked well, not greasy, but nothing deviated from standard. Condiments from Gordon Food service; the Ugly Mug coffee is served only on Sunday.
    The place is clean, rather quiet, and blah. My son & I agreed that we'd much rather eat at Beezy's or the Northside Grill.