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Aug 21, 2012 08:17 AM

Dining near Vanves

I will be staying outside of Paris (5K) in Vanves. Would love some dining tips: cafes, ice cream, lunch, dinner, bistros...merci

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  1. Vanves is not exactly buzzing. Not an unpleasant place, just not full of possibilities. From what I can tell from occasional visits to the Théâtre de Vanves, your most likely focus will be the triangle formed by the rue Antoine Fratacci/ rue Sadi Carnot, the place Maréchal de Lettre de Tassigny/ boulevard du Lycée, and the place République/ rue République. Covered market (above the parking garage) on the rue Antoine Fratacci on Tues, Thur and Sat mornings... from my one brief browse, seems ok but not remarkable. I'm pretty sure there's also an outdoor market on the place de la République on (?) Wednesday afternoon. There's a few cafés on the place République and (+ a boulangerie/ sandwicherie) place Maréchal de Lettre de Tassigny but other than an ok sandwich chaud at the boulangerie have never tried any of the places. I did once have a very expensive business lunch at the Pavillon de la Tourelle on the rue Larmeroux... gorgeous setting, good food with a definite gastronomic streak, but not a bargain.

    Vanves is not well served by the métro. In fact the closest station is probably actually in the neighbouring town, Malakoff. There is a suburban train line to Montparnasse from the Vanves Malakoff SNCF station on the eastern fringe but a long walk from the centre of Vanves. Bus is better. The #89 from the Carrefour de l'Insurrection will take you to some good-eats parts of the 15th, 7th, 6th and 5th and the #59 from the Carrefour Albert Legris/ ave Victor Hugo to Montparnasse/ Vavin, St Germain des Prés, and Chatelet for more life and buzz (and better restaurants).

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      merci for this great info...I am visiting my daughter who has a home stay in Vanves but will study at the Institute du Catholique in the 5th. Do you then recommend the #89 bus?

      Love your essentially, Vanves is close to Paris and it makes most sense to just get into the city? Outdoor market sounds interesting..

      1. re: phelana

        Would you consider renting an apartment inside Paris, but in the southern corner of 14th or 15th arrondissements, so that you can much more easily enjoy a real Paris city neighborhood with much more possibilities of markets, food shops and especially the excellent metro system, which will be accessible from where your daughter is? She can even possibly stay with you temporarily for that week and, from inside Paris, she will have much shorter commute to Institut Catholique.
        There is really no there there in Vanves, where I go only to rent a car when I go on holiday, because the freeway is there.

        Btw, I am on all fours in admiration for Parnassien's knowledge. His knowledge is well known to all, but an expertise that extends to Vanve is just freakish.

        1. re: Parigi

          re Parigi... Ah, my familiarity with Vanves began 20 years ago when the Stade de Vanves was used as a venue for my lycée's sports programme. Lots and lots of treks to and from the 7th. And years of culture vulturing have exposed me to all sorts of strange places. The Théâtre de Vanves, I'm especially fond of. A temple of modern theatre and dance stuck incongruously in a dormitory suburb.

        2. re: phelana

          It depends on exactly what part of Vanves you're coming from. But, from the centre of Vanves, the #89 will take you in 30 minutes to the Institut Catholique in the 6th. Quicker and more direct than the métro or commuter train. If she's staying north of the centre, the #58 from the Lycée Michelet to Rennes-Raspail in less than 30 minutes. If she's staying on the Malakoff side, the commuter train from Vanves-Malakoff to the Gare Montparnasse (5 mins) and then a bus to Rennes-Assas might be just as quick. On the Issy side, métro (which I hate) from Corentin-Celton to Rennes in about 20 minutes.

          For mama, the #89 is a great intro to Paris. While daughter is in class, you can breakfast at Bread & Roses or, more cheaply, the Café Fleurus (and pretend not to notice Catherine Deneuve sipping coffee and reading le Nouvel Obs at the next table) on the rue Fleurus. Or wander around the Luxembourg park. Or hang out at Au Petit Suisse on the rue Vaugirard/ rue Médicis or Le Rostand on the place Rostand/ rue Médicis. Or shop in St Germain des Prés for chocolates. Or continue on the #89 to the Panthéon and rue Monge for a stroll through the Latin Quarter.

          1. re: Parnassien

            thanks all so VERY Catholique Institute is in the 6th not 5th? Love the food tips..

            1. re: phelana

              Yes, Inst Cath is on the rue d'Assas in the 6th... just west of the Luxembourg park... they might have satellite buildings elsewhere but i wouldn't know where