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Aug 21, 2012 07:55 AM

"butcher" beef cuts in Michigan?

I don't know if you read about the Butcher cut beef, but they're usually cuts that are usually just as flavorful and tender most of the time as the more regular cuts. They just not as pretty basically, they don't always cut into nice even steaks.

I've always tried to find these overlooked cuts of beef but it seems either I cant even find them or when I do they're not really any cheaper than anything else. Flat iron steak is a great example. this used to be on of the butcher cuts until it was outed and now you can get it for any less money then a sirloin.

Some of the cuts I'm talking about are for example, Tri Tip, Hangar steak, Flap Meat, I think there a few others but that's all I can think of off the top of my head. I think I've seen Hangar steak but I'm pretty sure that's not cheap either, seems to be going the way of the Flat Iron.

So are there any stores, butcher shops, local markets whatever that has some of these cuts for a reasonable price?

I'm trying to get my beef fix on the cheap.

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  1. Marketplace Meats in Waterford is an awesome place to get just about any cut of meat.

    Cattlemans in Taylor is also good too.

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    1. re: GrueLurks

      Yeah I did a quick search and did find Marketplace. I was hoping they were on my way home, they arent, but they are still worth a look. Looks like a great place.

      Have you been there? Are their prices reasonable?

      1. re: loki993

        I shop there a couple times a week. I buy pork butts and brisket there by the case and always get great prices. I cannot say I've ever been upset with a purchase from them, and the owner is always on hand to talk with. They can pretty much get you anything you want and it's always fresh, never frozen. Get there early as the crowds can fill up quickly.

    2. Not necessarily trying to be a wise guy here, but I think you're missing the point of "butcher cuts". They're not out on display. Find a real butcher and ask them for the cut you want.

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      1. re: KoolWhip

        Hanger steak and Tri tip steak are pretty commonly available for sale.

      2. I don't think that this is in your neck of the woods but The Picnic Basket convenience store at Ann Arbor Road and Ridge has a butcher that will pretty much cut you what you want. You would probably have to order it ahead of time.

        1. I'm trying to get my beef fix on the cheap.

          Good luck with that. Tri-tip or any of the others you listed are now more than sirloin and at places like Costco they are often more expensive cuts than NY strip. I've seen tri-tip and flank pushing $7 a pound this year with NY strip under $6.
          If your looking for a few SE mi meat market suggestions with actual butchers (sad that true butchers are becomming harder and harder to find) then I'd go with Sparrow meats in Ann Arbor or Nitsches in Shelby Township. If your looking on the cheap then explore the meat markets just out side of the Eastern Market. Take the Walkway over the highway on the South side of the Market.

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          1. re: TraderJoe

            I didn't find the pricing at the meat markets around Eastern Market to be all that remarkable.

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              Momskitchen is back in the Hooooouuuuse! She must have finally unloaded momskitchen's mom's house in Warren, and now has time to waste with our weekly DTW Chow banter. We welcome back your sour pickle stories and (sweet) commentary. ;-)

              1. re: momskitchen

                Nothing remarkable about the prices on the cuts the OP is after other than how much all of these "lesser" cuts now cost. What is fairly notable about the Eastern Market area is the range of cuts and actual butchers at work. One of the few places I can find beef tongue which when ground with sirloin and brisket makes a killer burger. ;)

                1. re: TraderJoe

                  Trader....I was late reading the last Costco beef posts. I can't find the thread and probably missed them. I do know some folks were getting real nasty with each other & I guess the thread got pulled. Maybe it will come back after they edit out the bad stuff. I did want you to know that while I do not agree with every point you made I did find them very informative and respect your opinion, on MANY topics.

                  I would still like to see Costco beef bid specs because I would think that if they wanted a high choice product (with the same non breed specific requirements as G-2 Sterling Silver), and they wanted it packaged & boxed with their own private label "Kirkland", and they were willing to pay a premium as Sam's Club did several years ago bringing in Sterling Silver, and the contract was worth billions of dollars, a company like Excel Beef / Cargill would gladly accommodate them. I have heard that Nebraska Beef LTD jumped through hoops to meet Restaurant Depot's / Jetro's requirements for their private label "Superior Angus Beef". I know if I were the CEO and found out we did not do everything possible to secure a contract the size of Costco's somebody would be cleaning out their office.

                  1. re: Tom34

                    Tom I missed any nasty bits. The conversation must have taken some turn last night. Sorry you didn't agree but clearly there was confusion about marbeling Vs tail codes and IMPS codes. Those things aren't subject to interpretation. You still seem to be on a tact with a Kirkland premium label fresh beef program which AFAIK simply doesn't exist. Beyond that I'm not sure I see the point. Could Costco do a premium program? Yes I'm sure they could....and I'm sure they would if they thought it would be profitable. Clearly theat's not the case. Those products cost a lot more $$ and Costco already has a Prime program.

                    As I noted in the other thread Sterling Silver is not choice + in the sense you were suggesting but rather it's a product regulated by breed, feed, processing, marbeling etc. etc. Those programs go well beyond USDA grades (which isn't saying much). Brands like Sterling Silver are not just hand selected sub-primals that get tossed in a separate pile after grading because they look better.

                    If you want to see Costco bid specs shoot them an email them and see if they will disclose them.

                    Good luck with that. ;)

                    1. re: TraderJoe

                      Hillers at 6mi & Haggerty has tri-tips but they are pretty pricey.