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Savoury dishes using greek-style/natural yoghurt

Hi. I have a kilo of greek-style yoghurt in the fridge and I'd like to know some recipes for savoury dishes using yogurt without lamb. I often just eat it with honey or make a apricot/orange cake but I also want to expand my yoghurt repertoire.

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  1. Chicken tikka masala is a classic, if you like Indian food. (Or were you looking for recipes that use LOTS of yogurt, in which case homemade tzatziki is good . . . you can use it instead of mayonnaise on sandwiches/wraps, or even as a salad dressing).

    1. I was also going to suggest curry! I use yogurt instead of cream when I make Korma. I would also use it to substitute cream in other dishes too, just remember to temper if adding straight to a hot sauce.

      1. Creamy cole slaw. It's crazy but better for you and taste just a good. But better if you let it a few hours or even the next day.

        1. Pasta with yogurt sauce (meat optional)

          Chicken korma

          Poached eggs in yogurt

          Yogurt soup with chicken, chickpeas and mint

          Roasted chicken with yogurt, tahini and pita chips

          Curd rice

          Yogurt polenta

          Beet salad

          Cucumber salad with herbs, rosewater and walnuts

          1. I grow cucumbers just to make this soup. Well, that is not the only reason, but I love it. Tastes like summer to me. I think I got it from Sunset, but have changed it a little over the years. If you don't have Aleppo pepper, get some. Just kidding, you could probably substitute any red pepper flakes, but most would be hotter than Aleppo, so be careful not to use too much. The dill is good, but I often make it without. Since I grow my own persian style cukes, I don't need to peel them, which makes a beautiful pale green soup.

            Turkish Cucumber and Mint Soup
            2 pounds cucumbers, seeded, and chunked, peeled if skin is tough or bitter
            2 small garlic cloves, minced
            1/4 cup lemon juice
            2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
            24 ounces plain Greek yogurt
            2 teaspoons Aleppo pepper, more for table
            1 teaspoon Kosher salt
            1/2 cup chopped fresh mint leaves
            1 tablespoon fresh dill, optional
            Whirl cucumbers, garlic, lemon juice, oil, and 1 cup of yogurt in blender until smooth. Pour
            into a medium stainless bowl and whisk in remaining yogurt, Aleppo, salt, and black pepper to
            Nest bowl in ice cube bath, stir often until well-chilled, about 15 minutes.
            Stir in mint and dill (if using) just before serving. Sprinkle bowls with more Aleppo pepper and
            mint leaves.

            1. I always use a yogurt marinade for making biryani, either vegetarian or meats. Then use more yogurt for a raita to serve alongside.

              1. I like to mix it with some diced shallots, dill, lemon juice and crumbled feta for a lovely topping for grilled chicken and veggies, served with pita and hummus.

                  1. I make a quick sauce for fish tacos by pureeing Greek yogurt, cilantro and jalapeno in the food processor till smooth.

                    I use it instead of sour cream sometimes in my cucumber, onion and dill salad.

                    It's good as a base for blue cheese salad dressing.

                    1. ditto those that use yogurt as a marinade, especially for chicken. I usually mix yogurt, garlic, ginger and curry powder together, then add the meat. I like to skewer and grill it afterwards, with the marinade crisping up.... it's delicious. I make a dipping sauce of same ingredients.

                      Another vote for tzatiki, and a crema for fish tacos, but I add line juice to the cilantro and serrano pepper for zest and increased runniness.

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                        Can you share the recipe for yogurt marinade? I'm afraid I'll add too much yogurt and kill the meat.

                      2. I mix greek yogurt with sriracha to make a sauce that I put on sandwiches and to use as a dipping sauce. I also use it as a topping for soups (e.g. chicken tortilla, black bean, vegetable), in place of sour cream.

                        1. Add me to the list of folks suggesting tzatziki. I've tried many, many recipes over the years but my absolute favourite is from The Olive & The Caper cookbook. I believe it's the red wine vinegar that makes all the difference. This is a sensational tzatziki.

                          I found the recipe online if anyone is interested in trying it:


                          1. I use it in many of the same ways too & prefer to make my own Greek yogurt by straining whole milk yogurt. Not only is it more affordable, you can control the consistancy, and also use your favorite brand of yogurt or even organic if you choose.

                            A Cuisinart gold toned coffee filter (center) works great

                            While some recipes call for layers of cheese cloth in a colander, I have found a Cuisinart coffee filter to work quite well and be easy to clean up. And bowl or container that will suspend the filter is fine. The goal is to allow space for the whey to drain out.

                            The yogurt will thicken considerably the longer it stands. In the first stage it will be like sour cream. At this point it is great in dips, on sandwiches instead of mayonaise or in salads. Think curried potato salad…

                            Scoop yogurt into strainer

                            … When the yogurt reaches the consistency you like, transfer it to a clean container and store it in the fridge.

                            If it gets too thick, stir a bit of the whey back into it.

                            As it get thicker the flavor will change until it tastes like a mild cheese.

                            Creamed dishes such as spinach that call for dairy will be tasty with strained yogurt.

                            The remaining whey can be be used for a tasty martini or simply discarded.

                            1. I often use greek yogurt in the place of heavy cream in dishes... it's great in mashed potatoes, and with a red sauce for a pasta dish, to make a "cream" red sauce or even to make an "alfredo" type sauce... also used it to make a version of a carbonara. On Sunday I'm trying it out in a lighter butternut squash mac & cheese dish. In fact, the only time it DIDN'T work out for me was in a quick curry dish... it curdled, but that could have been my fault, perhaps the sauce was too hot to add in the yogurt.