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Aug 21, 2012 07:21 AM


Usually head to the Beer Bistro when I'm craving mussels but thought I would see if there are any other decent places out there, preferably downtown.

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  1. Starfish is my personal favourite but I've not been in awhile.

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      I like Pure Spirits (Distillery District). You get an immense bowl (1 kilo? I've never asked), three ciabatta buns for soaking juices, lemon, etc. Three styles, all at $15 -- a ginger & black bean version, a provencal version, and a Thai coconut milk green curry (low heat) version, with an edible lime leaf branch.

      The Thai is my fave. All of them are $15 anytime. My wife and I subscribe to Soulpepper, so we get another 15% off. We eat after a matinee, at about 4 PM, no crowds. I have the mussels, she has the volume oysters (different varieties) at $2 each in lots of 6 or 12, with sauces and pickled onions.

    2. And if you like smoke, the mussels at earth Rosedale and earth Bloor are cooked with smokey paprika and wine ($12 for a medium bowl; half-price as a summer patio app, 4 - 6 PM)

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      1. re: Dean Tudor

        Just back from earth, and the mussels are just $10 for the bowl, cooked with a tomato fennel sauce and smoked paprika.

      2. I enjoy the mussels from Ouzeri (Danforth) and Dr Generosity (Bloor W).
        Greek town mussels are always very fresh and cooked in less fancy schmancy sauces, and come with crusty sourdough instad of frites - which makes a lot more sense to me.
        Dr. G is great also. Small Mussels, Big flavours. And they always give you plenty of napkins and a big bowl for your shells, like BeerB.

        1. Though I haven't tried Le Petit Déjeuner has an all you can eat option on Tuesdays and Wednesday. Icing on the cake is they have Delirium Tremens on tap.

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            The Banknote at King and Bathurst has a Tuesday special ... 2 lbs. of mussels for $7. And, they're good.