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Aug 21, 2012 07:12 AM

Deep fried fair food in Michigan and Arts beats and eats Union Jacks

Ok so I was watching something on the Travel channel a week or so ago about fairs and all the deep fried concoctions they come up with. All kinds of things like deep fried bacon, Twinkies, candy bars, cheese cake, pie, deep fried butter, deep fried beer etc etc basically if you can fry it they do, even some things you shouldn't.

It seems that this is a typical fair thing as they were going to all different state fairs, they even have contests. So it kinda saddened me a bit as we no longer have our state fair. Does anyone know where a god place to get even some deep friend goodnesss around here would be?

Also at Arts Beats and Eats a couple years ago there was a place there called Union Jacks. They did Deep fried Twinkies and Snickers. Ive tried to find that actual place but I never can. Is that an actual restaurant or do they just do that for the festival every year?

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  1. Red Fox English Pub in Royal Oak was doing a deep fried candy bar...can't remember if it was a Mars, Milky Way or Three Musketeers. I just looked at the menu but they don't show dessert.

    1. Detroit Beer Company has deep fried twinkies

      1. Arts Beats and Eats in Rochester This year starts next Friday. I sure as heck hope they have Main street done by then...

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          Are you confusing Arts, Beats & Eats in Royal Oak (starts Aug 31) with Art & Apples in Rochester the following weekend?

          1. re: gooddog

            Yes I sure am. I realised I got Arts and Apples mixed with arts, beats and eats.

        2. They only cater, no actual restaurant

          1. Rub BBQ, Hogger BBQ, and Royal Oak Brewery does fried twinkies.

            Seeburger's does twinkies and deep fried pb and j.