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Aug 21, 2012 07:03 AM

Lunch near Vatican (Pizzarium or elsewhere)?

Hi, looking for a casual lunch near the Vatican. Was planning to go to Pizzarium, as I was looking for a lighter lunch (going to Antico Arco that night), but I have been reading mixed reviews. Should I still go to Pizzarium or is there somewhere else I should go to instead? This is going to be on a Saturday in October. Also, are there any really outstanding sandwich/panini restaurants I should check out in Rome (or even Florence, as I'm going there after Rome)? Preferably one where they specialize in traditional Italian meats, cheeses, etc. on their sandwiches instead of the more creative ingredients. My husband is dying to find such a place! :)
Thanks ~ Stacey

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  1. Stacey, we loved Pizzarium when we ate there last year - in fact we are returning for lunch when we are there next month! I think it is a great choice for a lighter lunch, as you can choose the size of the slice you want and he has some very inventive combinations. The only issue is the seating, as there are no tables, only a few benches outside. But otherwise I would highly recommend it!

    I hope you get a sandwich recommendation, as I would love to find something like that in Rome also! You could always get supplies at Roscioli and make your own!

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      I agree on Pizzarium. I was there in mid-July and it was great, if you're in the area don't miss it. On the day we were there the potato and mozzarella was the best of the three we tried, such soft buttery potatoes and the stringy mozza with rosemary made for a surprisingly good pizza.

      Don't be shy elbowing your way onto the bench or one of the standup counters outside.

    2. Re: panini - checkout gaudeo in monti.