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Aug 21, 2012 06:59 AM

Lincoln- Wine/ Liquor "superstore"?

I'm recently transplanted to Lincoln. We buy wine and liquor "in bulk" to reduce spending as much as possible and because gin / vodka / wine are commodities. Occasionally I love to get that Bin 105 service / selection but typically we're just shopping for cheap table wine and I don't need help making a selection.. I just need help not spending too much!

I know we won't find Denver prices here but I'd like to get as close as I can... any bigger stores here or in Omaha? So far I'm finding decent wine prices at "The Still" (although they don't have much in the way of 1.5L bottles and they don't sell chilled whites) but their liquor prices are crazy high (your taxes here might be a big part of that problem).

What a blessing to have a Trader Joes! We couldn't lure one to Denver although I believe they are coming to both Boulder and Denver soon.

Kitchen Imp- I've enjoyed reading your posts and will check in on some other stuff soon.

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  1. Thanks! Re: liquor & wine in bulk, I don't have any suggestions for you. The best I can do is suggest the discounts offered by Russ's Market for card-members - there are some pretty large price cuts if you get six bottles, and I suspect a case (if they even have a price listed) would be even cheaper. It's worth checking out. The Russ's at 33rd St is very different from the one on 17th, if you've been to the latter and and been scared off - it has a huge produce area and a impressively large wine area. I recommend it.

    I haven't found the wine prices here to be too crazily high, at least not after coming from Toronto (!). But certainly there isn't the selection here that you'd get in Denver.

    I'll ask my other half, since he's the primary buyer, and see what he says. In the meantime, welcome to Lincoln!

    1. Trader Joe's at southpointe pavillion (s 27th) has great wine case sales. We got 6 bottles of nice merlot a year ago (forget the name and vintage) for 40 dollars.

      1. Other liquor stores you can try (I don't do much liquor shopping so I can't vouch whether they can get you bulk) are Meyer's (13th and South Street), especially for wines, and "N" Street Liquor (18th and O Street - they used to be on 19th and N, that's where the name originally came from).
        And yes, I think taxes are part of your sticker shock.

        1. Try Hy-Vee. They do discounts for buying cases or half cases and they also have a "wine bucks" program where you earn points toward gift cards. They also have a $3-6-9 promo that is nice for cheap everyday drinking.

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            Thanks all.. I've found deals here and there that are working pretty well.. especially with wine.

            Still looking for that source for low-cost Gin! I'm not ready to give up Beefeater, Sapphire or Broker's yet.

            1. re: e_bone

              A quick followup after a half year of research. Killer killer table wine deals at trader joes. I'm saving huge money over Denver liquor store prices. TJs even better than I remembered from AZ. And for fancier wine Meyers is a treasure for sure. Very pleased.

              For large bottle gin and vodka I just shop around and buy when I see cheap. I'm doing good w Vodka. Hit miss with gin. The Still tends to "go low" most frequently. I have found Beefeater and Brokers around 29$ which is comparable to Denver. And hyvee has Sapphire right now for 32 which is very fair. For scotch I just plan on not drinking it very often and then carrying back from Colorado when I visit. its a bad expensive habit anyway! But God I love, love, those islay malts!