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Aug 21, 2012 05:13 AM

Vienna - Request for DInner Places Near Our Hotel

We are heading for Vienna and will be staying in a hotel a few blocks down Mariahilferstrasse from the Ringstrasse. We've been reading up on prior posts here and have a few places lined up, but we could use some advice for good places for dinner near our hotel, especially for that first night when we'll be pretty jetlagged and don't want to go too far or do anything too elaborate. Any suggestions? Sturmi, you seem to be the expert on this board, we especially look to you for advice!

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  1. So which hotel do you stay in ??

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        Pension Corvinus is right in the middle of the Mariahilferstrasse shopping district. There are many cafes, bars, sushi places, pizzerias etc. around, so lunching is easy, but dinner is slightly more complicated.

        If you like Greek food, there is one of the better greek restaurants on Barnabitengasse ( ), close to a quite average pizzeria (Frascati) and a French delicatessen (Un Jour en France). Around the corner is a small Thai on the Corner to Windm├╝hlgasse, but the Isaan Thai on Gumpendorferstrasse is better, but also more of a lunch or take away place.

        The passageway through Raimundhof from Mariahilferstrasse to Windm├╝hlgasse is another nice area. Lunch at Nice Rice is recommended, but for dinner I would suggest Kontrapunkt.

        If you like to dine in a modern style wine bar, the Wein&Co on Mariahilferstrasse might be the best place for dinner. Wein&Co is now offering dishes created by Christian Petz, and depending on the clientele, time of the day and the weather dining at Wein&Co might even be quite agreeable. Here is a video of this place:

        For Viennese food I always recommend either the Glacisbeisl on Breitegasse or the Altwiener Gastwirttschaft Schilling on Burggasse. Both are within walking distance, but you need a good city map not to get lost....

        But I am sure you will easily find even better places suiting your taste. This area is crowded with different places to eat, and who knows what you like best ??

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          Yeah that stretch is fabulous (when we're there we stay closer to Westbahnhof just off Mariahilferstrasse.) You're gonna love it. My favorite laid-back Viennese "pub" isn't far from there either. Phonixhof is up Neubaugasse a short walk and has lots of yummy classics plus cold beer and a fun, friendly vibe.

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            Kukabura-we already had a nice dinner at Phonixhof, based on your recommendation in an earlier post! Funky atmosphere but satisfying food. Sturmi, we hit Glacis Beisel our first night and went straight to the classics- wiener schnitzel, topfelstrudel and pasta with cabbage, all were very satisfying. Also a good dinner at Wein& Co., a little more refined ( they gave us a 5-Euro coupon afterwards so we got some fancy chocolate!). Lunch at Nice Rice was good for vegetarian fare after some heavier meals. Last night a great dinner at Palmenhaus, more modern than previous places and my guinea fowl was juicy and flavorful with perfectly crisped skin. Two more dinners here before moving on to Budapest, in the meantime thanks to you both, if ever in Boston I can give you the lowdown.

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              Great to hear you like the food here in Vienna !! Looking forward to read more, especially what you found for the difficult Sunday/Monday timeframe...

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                Wow, you guys are doing it up! Any heuriger plans?

                1. re: kukubura

                  We are back after four days in Budapest before going home tomorrow. Last Sunday we had dinner at MAK Osterreicher, very cutting edge,with updated versions of roast pork and meat loaf, everything intensified through careful selection of ingredients and precise technique. Tonite for our last meal we went in the opposite direction with Gastwirtschaft Schilling: great schnitzel, fried chicken and, for our daughter, fried potato-pumpkin ravioli with a savory tomato sauce. Side dishes were classic mixed salads, but everything was very fresh and well- dressed. Thanks again to you both for guiding us to some fine examples of Vienna cuisine that you would never find in the guide books. Our only regret is that we couldn't make it to a heuriger, but that leaves us something to look forward to the next time!