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Aug 21, 2012 04:28 AM

Help needed in Deal, NJ area for tonight

Had an awful experience at Dougie's last night. Dougies was a last resort after we were waiting for Ibrgr to open and got tired of the wait, also stopped by later and saw one young waiter who was quite overworked. We had been looking forward to the excellent fish at J Cafe only to find that the Deal community could not support their JCC and therefore it had closed its gyms, fitness center and the cafe. Where are we going to go to eat dinner tonight? We just want good, dependable food and decent service. Do we need to travel to Lakewood? That sounds ironic, but we seem to have had better experiences there. Please advise. Dairy or meat, doesn't matter.

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  1. I reccomend Stingers next door to 656 Ocean in Long Branch. Great burgers and sandwiches, full kosher bar, and very nice atmosphere. Not dirt cheap, but reasonable prices by kosher standards. Very dependable food. Service is a a little slow, but nice and they try to be accomodating. They also offer free fresh popped popcorn.

    1. We were at d-lux in Lakewood the other night. Really good food and helpful service.

      If you want to stay local though, you're better off with dairy. Armando's, Stephanos, down to earth all dairy. All have fish, salad, pasta...

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        Stephanos was good, but expensive. $32 for fish.

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          Went to Stephanos last night. If we weren't with friends, I would have walked out. The place was jammed, Had to beg for menus and bread. I ordered a salad with grilled vegetables and fresh mozzarella. Specifically asked for no onions and dressing on the side. When the salad (finally) showed up, it was tossed with tons of dressing and had onions. Sent it back. The same salad returned minus the onions. I told the waitress if the kitchen can not or will not prepare the salad without dressing, I don't want it. About ten minutes later the salad returned the way I ordered it. Not that it was any good... Mozzarella was dry and tasteless, vegetables were cold.

          Husband ordered the walnut tilapia. He enjoyed it, but he would eat anything, especially at 10pm. I thought the side of mashed potatoes came from a box, and the vegetables from a bag of SteAmfresh. Another friend ordered the same fish, with sautéed spinach and a baked potato. She got exactly the same plate as my husband. Waitress didn't seem to care, but eventually showed up with a plate of cold spinach. Husbands friend ordered Bronzino. All skin, tiny piece of fish. It came out of the kitchen a half hour before anything else and was cold.

          The other couple we went with ordered minestrone soup and pasta with mushrooms in cream sauce. They loved it. Personally, the soup looked like mush and the pasta was swimming in sauce. The margherita pizza for the table was decent, edible at the most. Cardboard crust, tasteless sauce, rubbery cheese.

          Wouldn't go back. Especially for those prices.

      2. Stefano's food was outstanding.

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            We were a group of 11. We started out with Brushetta. It was so good I wanted to lick the serving plate. Then Caesar Salad was served family style. I had the Pasta Fogioli soup. Soup was served in an enormous bowl, I almost thought it was a serving bowl for the table. Someone else ordered the Onion Soup and also enjoyed. Broiled fillet of salmon was cooked in capers, onion, fresh dill olive oil lemon sauce was enjoyed by several of our party, as was the Melanzane Rollatini (eggplant). I ordered the Alla Fungo Rigatoni, mushrooms in a creamy white sauce. Yum. Too much food, I had to take home my main. I cannot speak for the desserts because our group had to leave to see a show. They packed up dessert for whoever ordered it and we took it to go.
            The place was packed for a Wednesday night. I hope they continue to be packed when the summer is over.

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              What is the full name of this place and where is it located? Is it only open in the summer? Sounds pretty good