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Aug 20, 2012 11:33 PM

DW Bistro?

I went to an event this afternoon that was hosted by the two men who own DW Bistro, on Ft. Apache (I guess that would make it in Summerlin...). There wasn't much in the way of food (nor should there have been), but the "light refreshments" that were served I assume were catered by the restaurant staff, and were delicious. Furthermore, when the hosts were thanked for allowing us to meet in the rec room of their condo (a beautiful 24th floor facility with sweeping views of the city), many people present started raving about their restaurant. I admit to never having heard of it, and was told "but its one of the hottest places in town..." Well, chowhounds, is it? I saw one passing mention of it here on CH, and that's it. I found the menu on google, and I have to admit it was appealing (Jamaican meets New Mexican?? Well, I can see it, one of the gentlemen is Jamaican and perhaps the other is from New Mexico....

Several folks I talked to were especially enthusiastic about the weekend brunch, and I have to admit there are several items (jerk fried chicken and waffles, jerk pork hash, a New Mexican pork stew, etc) that definitely appeal. The prices seem quite reasonable. There also are a number of good-looking vegetarian options so I should be able to convince DH to come along...

I'm wondering if this restaurant really is as good as it sounds, and somehow I've managed to miss it? Or perhaps its too far off-strip to be on most Chowhounds' radar. The good news is that they announced tonight that in early 2013 they will be opening a second location downtown (in the old Andre's location). In the meantime, I guess I will have to make the trek out there and check it out....

Again, curious if any local hounds have been to DW Bistro?

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  1. what? Andre's went out of business?

    I think jerk fried chicken and waffles sounds like a perfect Vegas breakfast.

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      Andre's downtown location has been closed for a couple of years. They still have a location at the Monte Carlo.

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        We went to DW Bistro in May for lunch before flying home - here are my TR notes with some photos:

        This very modern and attractive restaurant is included in the dining guide “Eating Las Vegas: The 50 Essential Restaurants”. It is nicely decorated with lots of modern art hanging from the walls. I took the opportunity to introduce myself to co-owner Dalton Wilson, aka DW, who was born in Jamaica and raised in New Mexico. The menu is a reflection of his heritage.

        Ann ordered the Jamaican curry chicken bowl which was loaded with fresh vegetables and served over rice. I countered with New Mexican-style slow cooked pork simmered in red chili with an easy over egg and served over rice. Both dishes were delicious. Neither of us could come close to finishing though we both tried knowing it would be many hours before our next meal. When I went to settle the bill, our waiter told us Dalton did not want us departing for CT without trying a piece of his carrot cake.

        I thought we might receive a small sliver, but it was very large slice of the best carrot cake in the universe. The cake looked almost too good to eat with its white chocolate curls on the top. Unfortunately my photography skills do not match the chef’s baking skills.

        This meal, our last of the trip, turned out to be the best of our entire 14-day vacation.

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          Thanks Westie...that cake does look amazing!! OK, its on the list!!

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            On my list, too, westie -- Thanks!