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Aug 20, 2012 09:31 PM

Tuna canned in oil

Looking for some suggestions of what you buy. Most of what I see is packed in water. Domestic, imported , either is OK.

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  1. I tend to buy tuna chunk in water. I'm not a fan of the slippy texture of oil, hence avoiding the stuff in oil.

    1. We just tried 'ASdoMar, a Portuguese import, and it's great, although a bit pricey ($5 per 7-oz can). We found it in an Italian deli in San Francisco. Several notches down from this, there's Trader Joe's skipjack, and Chicken of the Sea albacore. All these are packed in olive oil.

      1. I really like Flott tuna. I do not pay even half as much as Amazon charges however.

        1. If you search for canned tuna, you'll find hits on other threads. I like the Genova tonno and the Cento, both in olive oil, but do other brands as well.

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            I like the Genova as well. Traders Joes brand isn't bad either.

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              I'm happy with Trader Joe's albacore in olive oil for my go-to. I squeeze it well so it's not too oily because I usually like a little mayo with it. (You wouldn't have to squeeze it much if you ate it as-is, like on a green salad.) At about $2.50, it's the one good one that I don't wince to look at the price.

          2. I buy domestic tuna in water, imported in olive oil.