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Aug 20, 2012 08:12 PM

fort bragg roundman's smokehouse

picked up a few chicken and pesto sausages at the farmer's market in Gualala and had them for dinner tonite. fabuloso! sorry i didn't try others from the selection.

now i'd like to visit them and taste more items

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  1. They are the best butcher in the area. We've been going to Ft Bragg for years to vists friends. If we are buying beef or lamb, that's the place to go. A lot of the local restaurant's in the area will advertise on their menu's that they are using Roundman meat.

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      Oh thanks. That's interesting.
      I will definitely try to go to the storefront in Ft Bragg sometime.

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        Is it strictly a butcher and smokehouse or can you get, for example, a sausage sandwich at the retail location? The website's not working.

        412 N Main St
        Fort Bragg, CA 95437
        (707) 964-5954

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          I not sure. I've been in there countless times, but never really focused on anything other than the meat counter.

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            No sandwiches, though you could buy smoked meats, cheeses and the house honey-horseradish mustard at Roundman's and bread at Harvest market to make your own.

        2. I bought a smoked duck breast, a selection of different sausages, and some fresh, very meaty Covelo short ribs that the butcher vacuum-packed for me. I forgot to grab the mustard, and I'm unhappy that the salmon jerky (that looked like it was made from belly trim) didn't make it into my bag. Not a very big bag for $70, but now that I've had a chance to cook one of the sausages, I'm not complaining. Also, whoever puts the meat on display has a sense of humor,

          The sausages for the most part are cured with celery powder and no additional nitrates, and stuffed into pork casings. Today I browned to reheat the fully cooked Randy's Famous Smoked Turducken Sausage. Made with turkey, chicken and duck, the coarse ground texture is excellent for a poultry-based sausage that can often be too firm or fall-apart crumbly. I like the very gentle smoke that highlights but does not overpower the meats. A couple bites were a bit strong on rosemary and some with too much nutmeg, so it seems not mixed thoroughly. Also, the sausage isn't so salty. This one was $9.99/lb. and I'd buy it again.

          Previous stop: Laurel Deli & Desserts

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            Had the lamb sausage for lunch. Price a bit higher than the others at $10.99/lb, but totally worth it. Ingredients: lamb, red wine, rosemary, sage, lemon juice, other spices, celery powder. Doesn't taste smoked to me. Love the coarse ground texture and full lamb-y flavor highlighted with some wine and lemon tartness. Fully cooked, but still exuded more fat into the pan when I browned 'em.