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Aug 20, 2012 07:35 PM

Where are the great salads in Austin?

Looking for some help from fellow Austin hounds on above average salads in Austin. I've only recently started to seek them out as my meal choice, so I'm a little, ahem -- green -- on the topic.

Two of my favorites I've enjoyed recently are the tuna nicoise at Hopfields and the Caesar with anchovy at Asti.

Surely there are more. Let's hear 'em.....

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  1. my current fave salad is the asparagus goat cheese from Trattoria Lisino.

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      Can't believe I forgot one of my favorite salads! The fancy chicken salad at jack allen's kitchen is fantastical. Achiote chicken, figs, pears, candied walnuts, blue cheese, champagne vinaigrette... yummmmm

    2. Blue Dahlia makes a great Nicoise. On the times I've had it, the tuna was cooked perfectly, plus it came with all of the appropriate fixins and a tasty vinaigrette. Highly recommended.

      1. Nicoise at Chez Nous- and a pretty amazing basic house salad there too. Looking forward to reading the replies of others- Austin does not have much of a track record on salads, and I would love to hear some good places to try. In the early days, Leaf had the potential to be great- but those hopes are long gone.

        One more thought for an amazing salad dressing if you want to do the rest yourself- Mangia bleu cheese dressing, and specifically the Mesa location. The Lake Austin location's version does not quite get there (same name on the door, but different ownership due to a family splitting of the business.)

        1. 1) @ North restaurant in the Domain

          Burrata Alla Panna, with Grilled Asparagus, Caper
          Vinaigrette, Toasted Almonds, Mustard Bread Crumbs 12

          The combination of the caper vinaigrette and the mustard bread crumbs is amazing. They don't skimp on the burratta either.

          I wish North would bring back their version of the insalata caprese. It was the best insalata caprese ever - arugula pesto surprise along the plate's bottom under the arugula, buratta, perfectly dressed arugula. something else on top.

          2) @ Cover 2 in Northwest Austin, and at Cover 3 on Anderson Lane

          the Allandale Salad with their brick chicken

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            I'll agree about leaf- such potential, but ultimately not worth it. Their salads are SO expensive!!! I'd rather just duck in Central Market for the salad bar... a few less fancy options, but much cheaper.

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              Also noteworthy at North is the one with hazelnuts and strawberries. I get cravings for it.

            2. Great recommendations... keep 'em coming. I will definitely check out the Allandale salad at Cover 2, since I know they do a great job with their jerk shrimp salad.

              Blue Dahlia and North will be on deck.