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Aug 20, 2012 06:24 PM

Labor Day Weekend in San Antonio with a 2-year-old

My daughter and I will be traveling to San Antonio over Labor Day weekend to visit my husband who is at Ft Sam Houston right now. We are staying on Market St (not really sure where that is in relation to anything else although on the website appears to be close to the Riverwalk). Looking for a variety of places to go for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also will probably be doing take out for dinner a couple nights as we are staying in a suite and (luckily) my daughter goes to sleep pretty early. Coming from Long Island, NY so I'm looking for it all - great Mexican, Tex Mex, BBQ and anything else that is not to miss while we are there. Not looking to break the bank and also do not want to hit any chains. Any and all suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance!

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  1. For Mexican/TexMex (these are not the same things):

    La Gloria (Pearl Market area) Mexican street food
    El Mirador
    Mexican Manhatten
    These three are in the downtown area and compose a good cross-selection of TexMex without the tourist vibe (or mediocrity/overpricing). Don't dine on the Riverwalk is still good advice.

    Since you don't want to break the bank, I'll leave off fine dining here, although there are many good options downtown. For barbeque, the best is clearly an hour's drive away in Lockhart and that's what I'm familiar with, so I'll leave others to steer you to more local establishments.

    1. Check out -- they recently posted about great restaurants for kids--

      and they'll have suggestions for fun things going on when you are visiting on their event calendar.

      1. Thank you so much for the suggestions. We had a great weekend. Did not make it to most of the places listed however we did manage to get to Mexican Manhattan. The food was great however changing time zones and taking our daughter completely off her schedule did not make for a long lasting meal. We wound up taking it back to the hotel. But it was great food and very generous portions. I would warn other visitors however that the place does not look like much from the outside and the inside is sort of cafeteria looking. We could not sit on the patio because of the heat.