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Aug 20, 2012 06:11 PM

Hisago - 3226 Geary at Spruce [San Francisco]

$6.50 Lunch Specials 11:30 am to 2:30 pm Wed-Sun
This is such a good deal for no-nonsense straight-up Japanese food — seriously better than the usual.
Three lunches and I am anticipating dinner discoveries.
Gobou Ninjin Age thin slices of burdock root and carrot, seasoned and deep-fried - do you like potato chips?
Renkon Hasamiage deep-fried lotus root, stuffed with ground beef and pork - porky heaven -
Onigiri 3 rice balls, pickled plum, marinated kelp, chopped fish flake - comfort food with 'rice-like-I-like-it'
Ingen No Gomaae boiled string beans, sesame dressing - crunchy and slightly sweet
Tonkotsu Ramen - topped with half hard-boiled egg with runny yolk, silky charsiu, green onions on toothsome ramen in richly long-simmered broth (my fave) for an additional 75 cents, ask for extra charsiu.
Saba Lunch Plate - lightly deep-fried mackerel in delicate batter with rice and green salad
Soba in Broth with Mountain Vegetables - when you seek the sage on the mountain top, eat this.
3226 Geary Blvd
(between Spruce St & Parker Ave
)San Francisco, CA 94118
(415) 379-9569

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  1. "Tonkatsu Ramen" is actually "Tonkotsu Ramen"

    Your descriptions are great and this place really seems like serious home-style Japanese cooking.
    People living nearby are lucky!

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    1. re: Tripeler

      yes, I mis-typed. The broth was so rich, I couldn't finish it (not artery-clogging). I know, I know, how can it be 'too rich'? unctuous

      1. re: Cynsa

        Yeah, it's basically the most porky flavors of the entire pork realm. Sounds like a great place, though.

    2. I especially liked the fried lotus root and stringbeans..2 dishes I had never had before...The ramen also had nice and chewy noodles!

      1. When has the DH finished a dinner at a Japanese restaurant with no room for dessert? Tonight's dinner at Hisago was nearly a gut-buster... but we did share a large Asahi beer $6.25 to push us over the top. We started with Tekka Maki $4.50 for 6 pieces, generous with tuna in a one-bite mouthful. Then, the Buta no Misozuke - tender pork shoulder slices miso-marinated for $7.50 + $2.50 for added salad-soup-rice; with shredded cabbage, a slice of grapefruit, and two slices of the tamagoyaki/egg omelette. I had the Wafu Menchi Katsu, breaded and deep-fried patty of ground beef and pork for $7.75. I am pleased that this menu offers more than the usual tiresome standards and piques my curiosity with good home cookery.
        Why didn't this make the SF Bargain Bites list?


          We returned in December for a satisfying dinner with the in-laws; hamachi kama, Wafu burger +