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Aug 20, 2012 05:34 PM

Restaurant choices for trip next week- Positano and Rome

Well, we're down to the wire... most everything booked except the restaurants. I'd love your thoughts about the following choices. We've never been to Italy, we do love great food but on this trip are not interested in a "French Laundry" experience.... more interested in a a mix of fun, atmosphere, authentic cuisine... Hope I have a good selection. Also, are there any that I need reservations for before I get there? Thanks so much for your help!

Thursday 8/30 - Arrive in Rome, train to Naples, driver to Positano (Staying at the Hotel Marincanto)- lunch in Naples @ Antica Pizzeria "I Decumani , dinner @ Lo Guarracino

Friday 8/31 - Positano - Da Alolfo for lunch, dinner at Max

Saturday 9/1 - Positano – tour Amalfi & Ravello, lunch @ Cumpa cosimo in Ravello, dinner at Next 2

Sunday 9/2 -Positano (Capri/Anacapri ? lunch @ Ristorante al Grottino), dinner @ La Sponda

Monday 9/3 -Leave for Rome (staying at Hotel Raphael) - Pompeii on the way, no lunch planned yet, dinner @ Perilli

Tuesday 9/4 - Scavi tour of St Peters @ 9:15am; then Vatican Museum/Sistine Chapel tour @ 2pm – lunch @ Pizzarium, dinner @ Toscono

Wednesday 9/5- Colosseum/Palatine/Forum tour @ 8:30 am, Borghese Galleries @ 3 , lunch @ Nerone, dinner @ Checcino

Thursday 9/6- Wander around Rome, lunch @ L’Arcangelo; dinner @ Settimo al Pellegrino

Friday 9/7- Fly out @ 11am

Rome Alternates - Alfredo e Ada,Colline Emiliane, Monti, Pierluigi, Rosciolo

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  1. Glad to see Da Adolfo on the list, along with Cumpa Cosimo. A dinner alternative in Positano (if you need one) could be Bar Bruno. Also, if you can fit it in, I would make the trek to Il San Pietro for bellinis on the terrace at sunset.

    Too bad you are missing Roscioli.

    1. I think you are planning too many lunches, and in Rome your choices are almost all on the traditional side. Even though they are all different, their menus will have a great deal of overlap. Also, it's a pretty hearty cuisine, and the weather will still be warm. I would balance tradition with some of the more interesting creative cooking, and I would skip the restaurant lunches in favor of bar sandwiches or pizza al taglio. If you absolutely have to sit down, which you will might, the spectrum of "light lunch" has increased in recent years. Wild horses couldn't get me to Nerone and Checchino on the same day -- and I'm a regular at both. I would burst. You might consider seafood (Tuna or Il Sanlorenzo) one evening.

      I love Il Principe in Pompei (the modern town), but haven't been in ages.

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        M makes a good point - and if you find yourself in need of a lighter lunch, we had some fantastic salads for lunch at Cul de Sac in July.

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          Thank you both SO MUCH for the candid comments!! You know, it's so hard to select restaurants in a huge city when there are hundreds of comments and opinions to sift through. You tend to lose sight of the "common sense" things and y'all were great at pointing them out. I really had no idea that I had chosen all traditional places and also that Nerone and Checchino would be virtually impossible to take on the same day. I'll lose a few lunches and separate Nerone and Checchino :) And thanks for the bellinis @ sunset suggestion! I hope to have lots of great meals to report in a few weeks!!

          1. re: krumley

            Buon viaggio Krumley and I look forward to your report upon your return!

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. WOW! How timely! We are leaving in 2 days and I'm sitting at the computer going over the "final" itinerary and saw your comments. Da Aldolfo sounded wonderful to me and after reading your comments I'm so glad we're going our 1st day there. I really appreciate your other recs too. I'll post a report when we get back. Caio! :)

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            Cumpa cosimo - stick with the vegetables and the pasta - you can get them to make you a "tris" combo plate - the reports on the secondi have been uninspiring, and you really wont have room after the other stuff.