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Aug 20, 2012 02:56 PM

Fancy breakfast to impress (not brunch)

I've searched your board and found several great-looking brunch places, but none of them seem to serve breakfast on a weekday (Friday). I need a fancy place that will impress for Friday late breakfast (10:30 am reservation). I'll be flying in from out of town and have a breakfast meeting where I need to impress clients.

It's not how I normally eat. I like hole-in-the wall places. But for Friday, I need fancy AND delicious. I know it can be tough to get both those in one place, especially for breakfast, but I hope you can help me, Chowhounds of Atlanta!

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  1. I guess for fancy and delicious I might try one of the hotels.
    Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, etc.
    Otherwise for excellent food I'd do Empire State South.
    Not super fancy but food excellent.

    1. Paces 88 at the St Regis serves breakfast until 11.

      1. I would second the Ritz downtown. I've had breakfast business meetings there and they do a great job. Plus, this time of year you can probably sit on the patio (if the traffic noise doesn't kill your conversation).

        1. I'm not familiar with a "need" to impress customers someone else's food, but the Shoney's breakfast bar should would impress me. The only problem is many of them have gone out of business so your best bet is to visit their website and see where their locations are.

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              Haha! OK, you're right. I USED to be impressed by Shoney's breakfast bar. But, now it's more of a nostalgia thing.

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                God, Shoney's. I the 60's and 70's there used to be one on Peachtree Road
                in Brookhaven. It had the old drive-in in the back and you ordered by using
                an intercom. When I was a kid, the Big Boy burger was the best burger in town.
                They had the big fiber glass Big Boy in front and it was my favorite place to
                go. It stood pretty much where they built Town Brookhaven.