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Them's Fighting Words!

Esquire says "The Best California Burrito" is served at Alejandro's in Costa Mesa, CA.


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    1. Any mag that would consider a burrito with fries in it as anything approaching a "best" burrito gets automatically dismissed in my world.

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        Agree, maybe Idaho's best burrito!

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          Blasphemers! Um, also this is "late night" food, with the emphasis on soaking up adult beverages.

          But back to original point of the post - that burrito doesn't even have guacamole in it. I realize that a California burrito doesn't need to have guacamole on it, but the best California burrito needs to have guac, IMHO.

        2. Maybe we should ask hillbilly bob in Alabama about which restaurant in Sweden serves the most authentic home style Swedish food because, you know, there is just no one more qualified to make such a determination.

          It's the same with Esquire and California Burritos. I'm willing to bet their "studies" of the topic amounted to nothing more than reading some Yelp reviews before spending 20 minutes eating at one restaurant.

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            Sad to say, but all those publications including NYT are well- staffed with 20-something southern Californians. Hillbilly Bob would be a step up, in my estimation.

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              I just laughed out loud, that was hilarious.

            2. Just so everyone knows what other garbage Esquire was declaring the best late night eats...

              There is "The Buffito at Mighty Taco" in Buffalo, NY which looks like something on Taco Bells menu (complete with flour tortilla and yellow cheese): http://www.esquire.com/features/food-...

              A rather crappy looking hamburger on white toast in Connecticut: http://www.esquire.com/features/food-...


              Completely generic pancakes from some diner in St. Louis: http://www.esquire.com/features/food-...

              Yeah, I think we now all know exactly how much weight to put to Esquire's food recommendations.

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                'A rather crappy looking hamburger on white toast in Connecticut'. Apprears clear that you've never been to Louis Lunch, the originator of the hamburger. What may look to be crappy is, without question, the best tasting burger in the country, the meat blend is unbelievable and you eat it the way they serve it, meaning no ketchup! Please don't be like a yelper and critique before trying.

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                  We can all tell a lot about how something tastes by looking at a picture

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                    As someone who spent several years in St. Louis as a grad student, I can attest to Uncle Bill's Pancake house. The food was really generic, but it was THE place to go for drunk 20 somethings. I was kinda suprised to see it still around after all these years.

                  2. We all digress...

                    The best burrito is.....?