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Aug 20, 2012 11:35 AM


5 of us will be in Idyllwild area next Saturday from mid- morning until late afternoon. Where should we go for breakfast and lunch? Coffee, bakeries, diners, salads and sandwiches......
All suggestions are welcomed, bonus points for fresh/healthy options! TIA!

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  1. I love Idyllwild! When I am there, I always make a stop at Gastrgnome (usually for dinner, but they have breakfast and lunch). I am partial to their onion soup and seafood offerings.
    Other than that, I cannot remember what else I ate.

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      It's been a couple of years but I remember having a really bad dinner there. I love everything about Idyllwild except the food.

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        YESS!! Gastrognome IS phenomenol! U MUST GO THERE! Gathering SPOT every year for the BIG family Christmas dinner and ww will make a special trip up there JUST to go to dinner THERE! Also for breakfast: u WON'T be disappointed with THE RED KETTLE! BIG portions and "down home" country breakfasts! YUMM!! Enjoy's beautiful this time of year..NOT too hot! ;-)

      2. Just some advice... bring whatever food you can with you. Can't remember where we had dinner when we stayed overnight, but it was a mistake.

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          They also have a market where I bought salami, baguette, some cheese and wine and had a very nice picnic on my balcony with the squirrels!