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Aug 20, 2012 10:45 AM

Jalapeños Restaurant in Annapolis ... recent reports?

We'll be in Annapolis for the day next week. We're looking for a casual place with very good food and reasonable prices (entrees up to $20 or so). We like great food and will gladly trade atmosphere for really tasty food.

Does Jalapeños fit the bill? Any other suggestions? Exact travel plans are still in formation but it will likely be a weekday (early in the week) and the timing would likely be either late lunch or early dinner.

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  1. Jalapeno's is still the most underated restaurant in Annapolis. Whenever my wife and I go out and try anywhere else we end up wishing we just went there.

    1. I agree. It's quite possibly the only restaurant in Annapolis worth frequenting.

      We opt for tapas quite a bit, and order obscene amounts of food, and are always stunned when the bill arrives and it's quite reasonable. They're also very consistent which is a big plus given the wildly erratic, tourist and beverage focused local restaurant scene.

      1. Jalapenos vs Sin Froneras Cafe? Any opinions? We are going to be in Annapolis this weekend, and I'd like to hit one of the two. Have been to neither before.

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          I have never been to Sin Fronteras but have heard that is good. I'm not a huge fan of Mexican food and prefer the Spanish tapas options at Jalapeños.

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            A recent dinner at Jalapenos was really good, though we hit the New World offerings and not the Old (except the wine). The enchiladas de mole were especially delicious, with the dark Oaxacan mole. Have not yet been to Sin Fronteras; Todd Kliman recently raved about the guac there, and that's reason enough to try it.

          2. Thanks for the feedback, everyone. Just stumbled across Cafe Normandie, as I wind down the final research for this trip. Sounds quite different from Jalapenos in food and ambiance (though perhaps I'm mistaken here). Anyway, leaning towards Jalapenos but still open to any input from 'Hounds

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              My wife is a big fan, I'm not so much. Kind of old school, clunky, heavy, Frenchified stuff. Last time around I had sweetbreads in a flavorless, and rather greasy sauce that I'd best describe as "brown." Whole preparation was kind of bland on bland, side of veggies actually featured supermarket style "carrettes." Not impressed. Oh, and our waiter was comical in his deigning to wait on us. Thier weekend breakfast offerings are solid. Crepes, crepes, crepes.

              If you specifically want this style of food in Annapolis, I'd recommend Les Follies over Cafe Normandie. Les F's seafood offerings are usually first rate. Knowledgable waitstaff who have been there for years. The owner is apparently ruthless about turning away deliverys of less than premium food.

            2. We went to Jalapenos and went for the tapas selection a little over a month ago and I found it a bit bland and flavorless when compared to places like Mas in Charlottesville.

              I don't think I'd actually recommend Jalapenos as being worth a purposeful diversion.