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Aug 20, 2012 10:40 AM

Short Notice Lunch in Plymouth MA

Just go word about meeting long time friend in Plymouth tomorrow for lunch while they are here from Atlanta. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Know the East Bay, the Crabby Shack but looking for other suggestions, preferably with an open deck and view if the weather is good. Anyone know anything about the 42 North that just opened in Manomet? Run by family who runs Stockholders in Weymouth and the Inn at Bay Point. Both pleasant spots.

Your suggestions would be appreciated.


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  1. More chance of a response on the SE New England board. That said, not much to be had in Plymouth. You mentioned the two stand-bys and I'm not real fond of either. First I've heard of 42 North, so I'm not much help now am I?!

    EDIT: 42 Degrees North FB page says their deck isn't built yet.

    1. 42 North is on 3A and was doing a brisk business the day we enjoyed dinner at the Wine Cellar beneath it. I wanted to have lunch there just to try the short rib stuffed burger. Anothre non-patio restaurant we enjoyed was the Driftwood Public House, but not sure if they open for lunch. As with many tourist areas the places with the decks and views don't need very good food. I posted in July about Plymouth.

      1. I haven't been to 42 deg but initial reports are mixed. I'm hearing that it's similar to his other restaurants, pleasant decor, fair prices, large portions but uninspired. Not really near the ocean, nor a highway exit.

        As trufflehound says the views are wasted on the touristy traps but you know of East Bay and Cabbie's already. There is "The Deck" in Brewers Marina owned by the upscale and upstairs Union Fish. The Deck has nice views of the marina with a menu similar to the rest of the restaurants already mentioned, fried foods being the bulk of the menu.

        There is also Anna's Harborside which just opened close by to Cabby Shack, they are owned by two very nice Greek brothers who also own a local House of Pizza. Looks O.K. with a nice outdoor patio that peeks at the Harbor and distant views of the Mayflower replica. T menu looks very familiar, not sure I'd risk it.

        There is the Waterfront Grill which was opened a couple years ago by some East Bay alumn, they have a second floor deck with distant views and mediocre food. Think East Bay on a budget.

        I'd go to the Blue Eyed Crab if it were me. Casual food with a nice Patio. No Ocean Views but plenty to look at as it's across from EB/Cabby/Lobster Hut. The food can be slightly adventurous, or there are interesting choices beyond the fried clam & lobster roll. Not great but it can be very good and the prices are fair. Pretty good cocktails if that's in the lunch plans.

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          t.clark,thx to you, we also just had a delicious meal (dinner) w/ friends at Blue Eyed Crab, and I posted details on the other Plymouth Dinner thread. Maybe we'll be down for lunch sometime. They have a Cubano sandwich I'd like to try. Thx so much!

        2. Thanks for the suggestions. Had nice lunch at the BLue Eyed Crab. We were lucky enough to get an outside table. Normally I drive my wife nuts because I will look for an outside table any chance I get and she likes one only in perfect weather. Yesterday was perfect so everyone was happy. Guest from Atlanta enjoyed the meal and the weather so it was a success all around.