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Aug 20, 2012 10:24 AM

September Itinerary

Lunch/Dinner -
Eleven Madison Park, Atera, Blue Hill, Jean Georges, Le Bernardin, Marea,
Babbo Ristorante, The Modern, Soto, Dovetail, Traif
(All booked except for Traif/Modern/Dovetail)

Breakfast/Brunch -
Joseph Leonard
Little Owl

Also visiting:
Di Fara
Dominique Ansel
Russ & Daughters
Two Little Red Hens
Doughnut Plant
Pret a Manger (I<3PRET)
Clinton St Baking Co.
Georgian Bread

Any recommendations/additions/changes?

I picked Babbo as I did not want all of our meals to be too stiff and have also read that many people prefer it over Del Posto.

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  1. For sweets also consider Lady M, Momofuku Milk Bar, and Laboratorio del Gelato.

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    1. re: Scott_C

      Thanks Scott.

      I have a large dessert list also. I will make sure to get to those three.

      1. re: Scott_C

        OMG, for sure on Milk Bar. Get to Milk Bar! Maybe also Doughnut Plant for a sweet breakfast treat!

      2. I have now added Jungsik, ABC Kitchen and Gramercy Tavern.

        I also have reservations for Sakagura and we are going to have a small bite there and venture over to the other Japanese restaurants around the area (Yasuda, Soba Totto, Aburriya Kinnosuke).

        I am also going to try to make it to Kati Roll.

        I only care about the food - service, decor, location are not important.

        Anything else to add or take out.

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        1. re: quddous

          I have since changed Gramercy Tavern for Daniel.

          1. re: quddous

            I wouldn't try to walk into Yasuda without a reservation. Also at Soba Totto, I've noticed that the yakitori specials section of the menu sells out quickly. Depends on what you're after.

        2. I wasn't impressed by Traif. For creative small plates, I'd rather do Momofuku Ssam Bar, Bar Room at the Modern, Txikito, etc.

          Momofuku Ssam Bar should be on your list regardless.

          I've also had some good recent dinners at Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya, for a change of pace from Soto.

          What about Thai? Zabb Elee? Kin Shop?

          For breakfast/brunch, I don't think Little Owl's brunch is all that special. Swap out for Minetta Tavern, Locanda Verde, Prune. Clinton St Baking Co for breakfast, in addition to Shopsin's.

          I'd do Doughnut Plant over Dough (which I thought was too sugary/heavy) but none of them are as good as doughnut shops elsewhere in the USA (LA, Chicago).

          For sweets, there's also Laduree for macarons, Mille-Feuille for plain croissants, and Victory Garden for salted caramel goat milk yogurt.

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          1. re: kathryn

            Thank Kathryn. Your reviews on ch are always outstanding and informative. I will make sure to go to ssam bar and leave out little owl. Thank you.

            1. re: quddous

              I was able to secure reservations at Ko. :)

              1. re: quddous

                Excellent, looking forward to your report back! :)