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Aug 20, 2012 10:18 AM

Does anyone add salt to home-canned jam?

Hello, Chows. I'm currently working on my first batch (ever) of jam (it's nectarines, sugar and citric acid) and so far it tastes, primarily, very sweet. Does anyone add salt to their jams/preserves to balance the flavor? Will that affect the set or the seal?

Thanks, all.

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    1. re: sunshine842

      Well, that sounds pretty final :)
      Thank you so much! Hopefully when it is finished cooking down it will taste more of nectarines and less of sugar.

    2. No (31 years canning experience). Add lemon juice instead of salt.

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      1. re: wyogal


        I've NEVER added salt, but I almost always add lemon. (The exception is blackberries they are acidic enough on their own!).

      2. I've used herbs, spices, extracts and small amounts of liqueur but never salt.

        If you do decide to use salt make sure it doesn't have any additives (iodine, anti-caking). The additives can discolor pickles so I would think they may have a similar effect with jams. I don't see how salt would be a problem with the seal or the set.

        1. The salt is for the cucumbers and chows, definitely not the fruit.

          1. I always add a pinch of salt to round out the flavor. In your case, the salt will not cut the 'sweetness' of your jam. As everyone suggested, add some lemon juice.

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