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Aug 20, 2012 09:10 AM

Need to find the best rolls for a sandwich

I'm from NJ - where bread is king. You can't find better rolls (not buns!) anywhere else.

Need to find really great sandwich rolls that I can buy buy the dozens and freeze. I'm in the north suburbs and will be willing to drive to the city.

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  1. That's really open-ended. Any particular type of sandwich? This is a city with countless bakery options. Some of my favorites are not even "artisanal" such as the Torta rolls at Costco and LaBriola's pretzel rolls (also available at Costco). There are also options like the Italian sandwich rolls (Gonella, Turano) and challah-based rolls like Tel-Aviv's hot dog roll with onions baked in.

    You gotta give us something to work with.

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    1. re: ferret

      OK --
      I'm not interested in artisanal bread. I've tried Gonella and Turano, thinking these would be what I'm looking for, but they are too dense. I do love LaBriola pretzel rolls -- but only buy these when I want a pretzel roll.

      Looking for something a little lighter than the gonella/turano

      1. re: jerseyjanice

        Since you're North, swing by Devon Avenue and check out Fresh Farms Market, corner Talman & Devon. They have a wide variety of ethnic breads and for sandwiches I was pleased with Samoon rolls because they're big and flat---plenty of sandwich surface. If these aren't what you are looking for just move on in a westerly direction to Tel Aviv Bakery (which someone already suggested) as their challah rolls and "French" rolls (elongated and filled with onions) are super for sandwiches. Another option is Tony's Finer Foods, 8900 N Greenwood, just above Dempster in Niles---one gargantuan store crammed with interesting possibilities.

        1. re: jerseyjanice

          You can also find a huge variety of ethnic breads and rolls in Skokie at both the places I mentioned:

          Marketplace on Oakton -
          Produce World -

          Produce World also has locations on Dempster in Morton Grove (right behind Kappy's) and in Norridge.

          1. re: jerseyjanice

            FYI, while in Jewel today I ran across a new (to me) Turano roll, the "Soft Sub Roll." Looks very much like the rolls at Jersey Mike's.

            1. re: ferret

              Thanks -- I will check it out! Funnily enough, I was stocking up on paper products at Sam's Club yesterday and came across rolls there -- "petite, white hoagie rolls" Bought them and
              tried them today and they were surprisingly good. Soft with Lots of air holes when I sliced it in half, which is what I'm looking for. 24 for $4.74. I froze 20. We shall see how they defrost.

        2. Try Damato's on Grand Ave. in Chicago.

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          1. re: camusman

            This sounds like a great option. I'll drive down this week and check it out!

            1. re: jerseyjanice

              Some of the D'Amato's breads are available at Marketplace on Oakton and at Produce World, both in Skokie. But I don't recall seeing any D'Amato's sandwich rolls at either place.

              1. re: nsxtasy

                Well, you can make a sandwich with the tomato focaccia, but that's probably overkill.

            2. re: camusman

              Damato's are definitely less dense than Turano / gonnella. It was my first thought for an answer.

            3. Tel Aviv Kosher bakery in west rogers park - 2944 West Devon Avenue Chicago, IL 60659
              (773) 764-8877

              Excellent bakery - especially their french onion rolls -

              1. Marianos has a decent little bakery and a nice variety too.