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Aug 20, 2012 08:07 AM

Great takeaway dinner for two near robson & denman?

Tasty, fresh food ... not a deep fried experience, please!

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  1. Sushi Mart on Robson. Whole Foods? That area is pretty food-dense with a good representation from Korean and Japanese cuisines. Many will do takeout.

    1. So much delicious at that corner - including Nook (decent pizza and pastas), Banana Leaf, Sushi Mart, tacos from the Casita, as well as numerous izakaya and Korean spots.

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      1. re: NoMoreSnuggles

        Just looked at BL's website .... I didn't even realize they have 3 outlets downtown [blush]

      2. I love that mom n pop Korean place. What's it called?

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