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Aug 20, 2012 07:40 AM

West End Sunday August 26 dinner?

Staying west of Denman on that weekend and would like to take my sister to dinner. Not horribly expensive but somewhere we will remember, please!

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  1. someone on here yesterday (from NYC i think) liked Adesso
    there is also Tavola
    both are Italian type of food
    Adesso for sure offers outdoor patio
    Tavola might too
    look at website for reviews --- start here

    a short level walk (or taxi) away you would have views of the mtns and coal harbour --- and the famous gelato -- which is oft-mentioned on here too. Just search for "view" or something like that on this board.

    1. What cuisine(s) you two like ? That would help narrow things down.

      1. I visited Vancouver last week and on Saturday, I had an amazingly great meal at Adesso. The food and service were stellar and the setting (we sat on the patio) was lovely. I can't say enough good things about the service. A waitress who really knew the wine list, who was friendly but never obtrusive, who really "read the mood" of the table. The food was incredible - fresh, simple, beautifully prepared. The best that Italian food can be. The bartender really knows what he is doing.

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          One caveat about Adesso's patio: it is nice but abuts an apartment building where there are/were a lot of smokers. You can't see them through the hedge but their smoke wafts disconcertingly over the patio seating. When you reserve, you might want to ask for the north side to try to avoid this (worst on the south side). I just can't enjoy my chow when I am in a cloud of smoke!

          1. re: grayelf

            thank you for that warning - i'm with you on that topic

        2. I know it's not the board favorite of the Guu restaurants, but Guu Kobachi has been one of my favorite restaurants in the city for the past few months. Very Japanese and a rather interesting menu due to Kobachi's "test kitchen" concept for the rest of the group. Two fresh sheets daily along with a menu of perennial favorites. Probably not for the unadventurous diner, but if you are into trying some different things, this place is terrific. I'm a big fan of any of their fried chicken dishes, the pickled mackerel with ponzu, the fermented bean curd and chopped tuna, the Japanese "fish and chips" (tempura whole capelin and burdock) and a recent crispy pork intestine dish that was terrific too. Definitely not expensive but can get so if you start downing half liters of good sake...

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          1. re: peter.v

            Thanks Peter, this is exactly what attracted us to Guu with Garlic years ago (don't think Kobachi even exited then). They are definitely at the top of our list for next visit.



            Guu Kobachi
            735 Denman Street
            (604) 683-0735

            1. re: peter.v

              Hmm, that does sound good. We weren't as impressed with Guu with Garlic on a recent visit, seems to have gotten a bit safe, though we did have tuna with yamaimo (yum). Must try Kobachi next!