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Aug 20, 2012 07:19 AM

How far will you go to get every last morsel?

I had a really good cupcake this weekend. There was a lot of cake residue left on the paper and a crust of frosting encircling the rim. I got out a butter knife and scraped along the paper getting up as much moist goodness as I could. Then, I folded the paper into a cone, squeezed at the bottom and pushed up, licking off ever last bit of cake and frosting that I could. *sigh*

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  1. It was the "last of the jar" of my Best Foods while packing sandwiches this weekend. I used my rubber spatula so well on that jar, you couldn't tell there had ever been anything in it.

    1. Fage yogurt has a strange shaped compartment, sort of a half yogurt gets trapped in the 2 corners and a spoon won't get in there. So I flip the spoon over and use the handle to get into the corners.

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        That really sounds like a job for the tongue, not the back of a spoon! :-)

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          Well duh, isn't that what you are suppose to do? I to have found that to be the prefered method to get the last bit of yogurt and fruit.

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            I do not have Fage yogurt in the house, but most of the large tubs of yogurt I have at home have a "shoulder" near the top that makes it wider than the rest of the cylinder by a few mm. This is where it traps yogurt that turns thick and creamy. I would take a spatula or my square icre-cream spoon to scrape around the perimeter and the corner, and it would be the one spoonful of the creamiest yogurt in the whole tub that we fight over.

          2. Dad would go to jail for this today.. but here goes

            when we were little in the winter after sledding my father would give us a little cordial glass and fill it about half way with amaretto or sambuca to "warm up" (and then take a nap)
            we'd sip the boozy, sweet goodness ouf of the coridal glass, and then when it was all gone, we'd literally stick our tongues down into the glass and turn the glass to get out that last miniscule droplet of liquid from the glass

            (Sorry, Pop, I had to out you...FWIW I think the statute of limitations for giving alcohol to minors has passed)

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              Your dad is safe! Parents can legally give their own children (but not their friends) alcohol in their own home. Whenever we had a cough, my mother would make a "medicine" from honey, whiskey and lemon juice. I was rarely sick as a kid, but would fake a cough whenever my brother had one just to get a little glass of this delicious mixture. And you can bet I stuck my finger down in that glass when it was done.

            2. When I'm at home with the fiancé, I'm a shameless plate licker. I made that pan sauce, dammit. I'm not going to waste it!

              1. My partner's cousin is voracious about getting every last bit of everything. The last time we visited her in SF we ate dinner out and ordered a pate appetizer. When it was "gone" she discreetly picked up the ramekin and ran a quick finger around the inside and popped it in her mouth. Her comment - "There was a lot left." I won't be surprised if she licks her plate next time. It's all good.