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Aug 20, 2012 07:02 AM

Trader Joe's coming to Gainesville!

An article in Friday's Alligator said that a Trader Joe's is coming to the Butler Plaza in Gainesville this year! Yayy! Tallahassee next???

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  1. Sure hope they are coming to Orlando-we just got Wawa-Trader's Joe would be icing on the cake!!

    1. Well, now they'll have 3 stores in Florida. Finally! Hope they get one in Broward soon!

      1. Hey thats great news, then Jax cant be too far out. Thanks.

        1. when is it comng to lehigh acres,fl 33936 zipcode

          1. That's great news for Gainesville.

            I'm curious as to why they have so far chosen to open in smaller metropolitan areas in Florida (Naples, Sarasota, now Gainesville) and have not made annoucements on opening in the larger cities. Seems like they would be very successful being within the regions of South Florida, Tampa, or Orlando. In time, I suppose.