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Dinner at George

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Thanks to all Chowhounders who recommended that we celebrate our anniversary at George. We had a fantastic evening there on Saturday night, enjoying every plate of the 7 course tasting menu. From start to finish, the evening was perfect - very attentive but friendly service, and the restaurant was able to work around our "no mammal" dining restrictions, still allowing us to enjoy the tasting menu. (I think our stomachs would have preferred that we order the 5 course menu, as we certainly rolled out of the restaurant at the end, despite the fact that plates were served a a perfectly leisurely pace throughout the evening - but worth it!)

I wish I could remember all of our courses - the kitchen sent out different plates for each course for my husband and for me, so that we were able to enjoy a total of 14 different plates between the two of us. Each plate had a number of items on it, and the attention to detail and the technical skill shown was impressive.

This was certainly a meal that we will remember for a long time to come and thank you to all who recommended this to us.

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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed it (I wasn't one of the recommenders, but I have been there). Mr S and I went there for a anniversary. We laughed a lot at some of the courses, because without us saying anything to the waiter, Mr S got the things he liked that I didn't, like lamb and whatever cheese was on his cheese course. We said it was like they had a hidden camera at the table.

    1. Glad you had a great time. We have never had a bad experience there. We're going again this Saturday.

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        I am sure that you will enjoy your meal very much!