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Aug 20, 2012 12:50 AM

Home Cooking Dish of the Month: September 2012 Nominations

Welcome to the nomination thread for the September 2012 Dish of the month!

As Dave MP expressed in the August thread, "The idea of Home Cooking Dish of the Month is to collectively cook as many versions of the dish as possible within the month… reporting back with details about recipes, and photos of the dishes we've cooked."

The Dish of the Month for August was Quinoa Salad, and you can read and participate in that active discussion here:
You can also find some interesting discussion and suggestions in the August nomination thread here:

Now it's time to start considering what dish you'd like to prepare and compare in September. The field is wide open; you can select an old favorite dish, or something you've never tried. When you nominate, keep in mind that we'd all like to try cooking the dish, so extremely complicated dishes with obscure or out-of-season ingredients, while exciting, may have less likelihood of garnering sufficient nominations and votes. When it comes time to cook, you can use recipes from books, from the internet, from friends and family, or, you can invent your own. You can prepare, and report on, as many different versions as your time and imagination allow.

When you are ready to nominate a dish, please type your dish in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. Nominations will be open until August 25th at 8pm Pacific time (11pm Eastern time, and 3am August 26th GMT). After the close, the dishes with the most nominations will move on to the voting thread. Once the votes are tallied, the winning dish will be announced and there will be a thread where all participants can post reports and photos.

Everyone is welcome to join in and help decide what we'll be cooking in September!

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  1. I love STUFFED CABBAGE variations in fall.

    1. It's blackberry season here in September. Something to do with blackberries would be good. Be it savoury or sweet.

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      1. re: lilham

        lilham, nominations need to be in CAPITAL LETTERS.

        1. re: blue room

          I wasn't sure if we could nominate an ingredient. But seeing other nomination for vegetables. I guess I'll nomimate BLACKBERRIES.

      2. I think I may join the group in September so I'll say SQUASH - the denser the better for my liking: Hubbard, Buttercup, Kabocha, Acorn, Pumpkin and the like.

        Second thought was APPLES.

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        1. re: Gio

          Like the way you think, Gio! I'd be happy with either squash or apples.

          1. re: Gio

            Same here. I'd be happy with squash or apples too. I assume we can nominate more than one thing. So SQUASH.

          2. September is still prime tomato season here, so I'll nominate TOMATO SOUP.

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            1. re: pikawicca

              I'll second the nomination for TOMATO SOUP in all its variations. I can't think of anything I'd like to read about more than everyone's take on their favorite tomato soup recipe. I already know which one I will be submitting. Would be too bold to nominate it as a GRILLED CHEESE/TOMATO SOUP COMBO? If not, let me make two nominations at once.

              1. re: dkennedy

                On the menu tonight, Cold Tomato Soup

                2 pounds tomatoes, quarter
                1/4 c. EVOO (the good stuff)
                1 T. red wine vinegar (ditto)
                1/2 t. kosher salt

                Puree in food processor, strain, chill, serve in mugs that have been in the freezer for a bit. Delicious, and took all of 5 minutes.

            2. I was going to put Birthday Cakes out there (spans the seasons), but I like the squash idea better.

              I'll say WINTER SQUASH DISHES.