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Aug 20, 2012 12:03 AM

Kouign Amann Anyone? A Breton Delice Richer than Croissants!

I spent awhile searching for striperguy's big long thread on best baked goods/sweets to no avail, so i'm posting this instead.

It's been many yrs since I've seen an unknown- to- me French baked good, so it was exciting today to see this listed on the brunch menu at the newly renovated and expanded Five Corners Kitchen in Marblehead. It's a Breton specialty. We actually forgot to order it today but we'll get it next time. Has anyone seen it elsewhere in New England?

*Note the description on the fivecorners website- pretty funny!:

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  1. is the thread you're looking for, I think.

    We discovered Kouign Amann in Paris recently and texture-wise, the ones we had (at Gontran Cherrier) were thinner than the ones shown in the NYT article and reminded me a lot of Elephant Ear pastries. They were flakier and more buttery and caramelly than Elephant Ears usually are, though.

    1. I had the honey pecan roll from Iggy's this morning and it was pretty darned buttery/nutty/yummy as well...

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        I wish i were a fan of that Iggy's product like i am a fan of their breads, but i have never had a pecan sticky roll to compare with the original ones from Bond and Burkhart in Newton Center. (And I sample every single one I encounter!)Maybe you came here after their reign ended?

          1. re: opinionatedchef

            oc...just have to concur here. I remember those B&B pecan rolls, and nothing is as good as those. I've never had anything I thought came close.

        1. Boston Magazine recently reported that Flour is making kouign amann, but I didn't see it at the Farnsworth Street location the last time I was there (a week or two ago).

          1. I had one yesterday at the SE Flour - it's called a "breton butter cake" there.
            It's good but not as good in comparison to one I had in SF from Starter bakery last week while I was on vacation.

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              I had it at the Farnsworth Street (Fort Point) location of Flour a few weeks ago, and saw it there again once or twice after that. I would recommend calling to see if they have it. I have only had kouign amann twice in my life, once at Flour and once at a bakery in Montreal. The one at Flour had a gooey inside that I didn't really like and don't remember in the Montreal version, but I don't know which one is typical.

            2. I've only seen them in France (the ones in the morning buffet at the Park Hyatt Paris are killer) and in Japan, at Viron in Tokyo. I love the stuff, but I've never seen it in Boston. Wouldn't mind it, even if mediocre. Kouign Amann is like sex. Even if only OK, it is still good.

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              1. re: Uncle Yabai

                I just made it at home, and have to agree. It wasn't as good as the Kouign Amann I had had in Montreal, but it was still excellent. Delicious failure, going to keep working in this one.

                1. re: Indirect Heat

                  what recipe did you use? I'm tempted to try the one on David Lebovitz blog.

                  1. re: tweetie

                    I tried his recipe. Will try again with better butter, a bit warmer during first roll, and putting in 1/4 cake flour 3/4 all-purpose.

                  2. re: Indirect Heat

                    Of the 3 pastry chefs i have discussed this with, they all had/have many trials with it.