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Aug 19, 2012 11:01 PM

ALL OUT DESSERT ASSAULT. Need suggestions for palate cleansers.

I'm catering an event and it's pretty much ALL DESSERT.

I don't want peoples palates to get burnt out.

What are some ideas of a palate cleansing feature that we could serve as a reprieve from all the sugar?

Ice Cream, Donuts, Chocolate, Pastries, Macarons, Milkshake.

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  1. Some ideas I've had so far:

    -Cheese plate (Though that might be too rich. Something light and refreshing might be more what's called for here)

    -Palate cleansing chinese tea (could do some palate cleansing agar agar jells?)

    -Just some simple fruits

    1. Different sorbets would be good - lemon, lime, with some mint

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        And this might be a little unorthodox, but gin infused celery a la modernist cuisine would be awesome.

        1. re: laethia

          Great article!

          I love the high pressured gas infusion stuff.

          I'm thinking about doing some agar or gelatin gels as palate cleansers. Some flavour ideas:
          -celery & salt
          -tart green apple
          -wild chamomile & peach
          -parsley & lime
          -spicy ginger (made with cayenne for kick)

          I have only experimented with agar 3 times doing a simple kanten jelly. Does anyone know of sources of information that might have a technique/guide/recipe for making these kind of jellies?

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          Yes absolutely, sorbets would be great. Only problem is we've got a crew coming and makign some really wonderful ice cream and I don't want to step on anyones toes with a competing dish

            1. re: laethia

              I'd rather stay away from syrups and sugary things but thanks

        3. Little cherry/grape tomatoes in vodka, speared with toothpicks.

          1. Ice Cream, Donuts, Chocolate, Pastries, Macarons, Milkshake

            I see no point in palate cleansing between these dishes. Serve some water and coffee/tea.