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Aug 19, 2012 08:42 PM

Should I refrigerate peaches?

I bought some really nice peaches & nectarines at the farmers market & I am not going to serve them for a few days. I am afraid they will rot sitting out on the counter but I am also afraid they will get mealy if I put them in the tomatoes do. What's the conventional wisdom on this?

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  1. Tree-ripe peaches can be refrigerated for 2-3 days without loss of quality or taste.

    Do not refrigerate unripe peaches. Leave them stem down on the counter at room temp to ripen before refrigerating.

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      I posed the same question to my farmers' market stonefruit seller and he said not to refrigerate if I could eat them in a few days before they started to turn. They do seem to go after a couple of days, so refrigerated fruit would be preferable to spoiled.

    2. Just one technical point. Fruit picked before it is ripe never ripens. "Ripening" involves the development of increased sugars in the fruit and if it's not on the tree it can't do that. So leaving fruit out will only allow it to gradually soften as it ages, but it doesn't continue to ripen.
      That said, I agree with ipsedixit .... relax and enjoy your peaches. Caveat - if they've been dropped at any point in handling (something you can't be certain of) you can expect them to soften more quickly and spoil to a greater or lesser degree where they were bruised; even if only slightly.

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          I don't think that is right about fruit not ripening off the tree. My Bartlett pears never ripen on the tree before they fall off. A day or two brings greenish pears to some sweetness. My California pear grower confirmed to me that if you pick a yellow Bartlett off the trea, it will be mushy. He recommends picking them on the green side and allowing them to ripen.

        2. The best way to refrigerate ripe peaches is to peel and chop them and mix them into a tub of homade vanilla ice cream!

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              Or poach them, and serve them with ice cream and raspberry sauce. Peach melba, so good.