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Aug 19, 2012 06:51 PM

Eggs? Kcmo

Where can you get high quality eggs? We want something higher quality than what is available than at cosentinos. We know there are great ones available at farmers markets, but we're looking for some available weekdays between the plaza and downtown KC, mo?

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  1. that's a great question - where are "fresh" eggs around here? between Plaza and downtown - i have no idea. have you checked the market at main and 44thish? i'd say stock up on the weekend from the farmers markets. waldo has a midweek market that might have something.

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    1. re: jdl98

      alas, we need a week day egg source rather than weekend.

    2. Try Campo Lindo eggs, from Campo Lindo farm (local, free range, brown eggs who eat bugs). You can find them at the Cosentino's downtown, Hy-Vee in PV, Whole Foods (those are the three places I grab them).

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      1. re: ChandraNH

        Thanks! Will do. Are they stocked near the other eggs at Downtown Cosentinos?

        1. re: relizabeth

          They are not with the other eggs but instead with the meat (chicken, beef, etc.). And I meant chickens who eat bugs!