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Aug 19, 2012 06:40 PM

Constrained Optimization

Hi all,
I've read through a lot of the threads on this board, and have gleaned a lot of useful information, but I have formulated a new question of my own:

Imagine you have two days in New Orleans, and a budget of $120. Where would you go to eat, and what would you order? Assume that tips and beverages are excluded from this budget.

For my trip specifically, I will be staying in the Central Business District, but have a reasonably large walking radius, plus that which can be reached quickly via NORTA -- I am thinking mainly Garden District, Central City, CBD, Warehouse District, and the French Quarter.

Thanks so much for your help; I really look forward to your answers.

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  1. When are you here? It actually does make a difference.

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    1. Day 1: Breakfast at Surry’s or Old Coffee Pot ($10-$12)
      Happy Hour Pizza from Domenica ($7)**
      Late night bite to eat at Coop’s ($8-$10)
      Day 2: Breakfast at Cafe Du Monde ($5)
      $20 3-course lunch at Coquette ($20)
      Splurge a little on dinner at Herbsaint ($30)

      **The happy hour at Domenica could easilly be substituted for a po boy at Parkway

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      1. re: shanefink

        . Coquette's lunch is $23. You'll get far better food at August for $20.12. I like Gizmo's plan.

      2. If the two days fall before September 1, I would suggest the "coolinary" menu lunches at Commander's Palace and Galatoire's, a "coolinary" dinner at GW Fins, and the happy hour pizza at Domenica for one dinner.

        1. Hmm, if the budget really was $120, I'd start by skipping breakfast...pack some granola bars, drink the hotel's free lobby (or in room) coffee. Save your $$ for lunch/dinner....I'd do the $20.12 prix fixe lunch at Restaurant August one day, followed by dinner at Cochon lunch #2 at Lily's Cafe for inexpensive vietnamese food (1813 Magazine St) and then have pizza happy hour at Domenica (half price pizzas and wines by the glass). You'll have $$ left over for pralines or turtles from Southern Candymakers...

          1. When are you going? If you are going before the end of August, you are at the right time for the Coolinary Menus. Below is assuming you are going before September 1st.
            Day 1:
            Breakfast: Surrey's ($10)
            Lunch: Galatoire’s (Coolinary Menu $20)
            Dinner: The Pelican Club (Coolinary Menu $35)

            Day 2: (Thursday)
            Breakfast: Stella ($10)
            Lunch: Joey K's ($15)
            Dinner: The Bombay Club (Coolinary Menu Lobster Dinner $25)

            We experienced all of these very recently and all were the highlights of our trip.