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Aug 19, 2012 04:49 PM

Can you take home bottles of wine at Bern's??

I am visiting Bern's in a few weeks, and have been amazed at the older vintage wines they have at reasonable prices. Does anyone know if you are allowed to purchase wines "to-go" after a meal? I wouldn't mind taking home half a dozen or so.....

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  1. No. And so many can't be found elsewhere. Ya gotta drink 'em there. Which is not a bad thing..

    1. But you can buy all your heart desires at their affiliated wine merchant:

      1. Anything you buy at the restaurant must be opened, but you can take home leftovers. They recork the bottle and put it in a sealed plastic bag, as I recall. But if you want half a dozen bottles, contact the wine shop sunshine links to, it's about a block down Howard from Bern's, attached to Sidebern's.

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          What you say is spot on, however, the wines one generally wants are not for sale at their wine store. The store sells new vintages usually. On occasion l have asked one of the sommeliers if they could make a specific wine available so l could order through the wine store and not have been successful yet.

          1. re: Delucacheesemonger

            Also correct, especially when it comes to the rarer and older vintages. Just go to Bern's a half-a-dozen times and order one of those beauties each time...I can think of a worse solution!