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Aug 19, 2012 04:29 PM

Ogunquit Maine birthday dinner

I mostly post on the southern new england board but we are heading up to Ogunquit for a few days. Can you recommend a nice restaurant for a birthday dinner. We would even like a place for a great lobster or even an old school place that has been there forever. Thanks, Richie

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    1. There are a few nice places in Ogunquit for a nice dinner. There is a place in wells called Varano's its on Mile Rd. very nice Italian place. On rt 1 just outside of Ogunquit center these a place called Angelina's which is mainly an Italian place,but great food. is another nice place to eat. Also in down town there is the Old Village Inn which My wife an I ate at in June when we were there which was very good. Hope this helps you a little Earle

      1. Is 98 Provence still around? Had a nice b-day dinner there a few years ago but obviously more French than old school Maine.

        If I can hop on this thread, where would you get good cocktails in Ogunquit or Wells? MC Perkins Cove? Do you like Jake's or Mike's better for fried seafood? There must be other shack type places in the area maybe with more ambience than on Rt 1? Has anyone had the $20 lobster bake at Amore? Sounds like a good deal. Going to spend 2 days up there this Sun-Tues and hoping to find some good spots. Thanks.

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          No thoughts on cocktails in Ogunquit or Wells? Jake's vs Mike's? Thx.

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            Haven't tried Mikes but didn't care for Jakes at all,maybe try Fisherman's Catch for fried seafood? We had some nice drinks at Jonathans, Old Vine Wine Bar in Kennebunkport, and at Cornerstone.

            Have heard some good things about "Frills" on Shore Road too (for cocktails).

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                Hve fun up there & keep an eye out for me Joanie - we're heading up there for a day trip on Tuesday.
                I've only done breakfast at Amore (LOVE their corned beef hash - they use real corned beef & chop it ino good sized pieces). Hubby likes MC's for a nice atmosphere, as well as the rum punch at Barnicle Billy's.
                But ,if you want to try sonething a little different, we usually do one of the 1 hour boat trips that serve drinks. It's a nice view but keep the drinks simple. Very relaxing - especially if you do one around sunset, & then we usually had to MC's for dinner afterwards.
                You might also want to consider a side trip to On The Marsh in Kenebunk if you have the time - it's our favorite place up there.

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                For cocktails, my favorites are: Five-0 Shore Road, Front Porch, Prime, Cornerstone Pizza, MC Perkins Cove is fine (it's acutally one of our favorite restaurants), but I was disappointed with an Old Fashion I had there last winter. Oh! Also, Barnicle Billy's for their rum punch. We usually like to sit at the bar at Barnicle Billy's etc.

                We've never had fried seafood at Jake's. Mike's is always decent.

                We haven't had the $20 lobster bake at Amore, but did get lobsters at the Perkins Cove Lobster Pound, across the street. They steamed them for us. My understanding is that Amore gets the lobsters from them. The lobsters we had last week were delicious - very fresh, tender, and sweet.

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                  Was just there two weeks ago and they are still there, and they are excellent!

                2. the bf and i love mc perkins-they have great cocktails and the view is spectacular-go upstairs and get a table up there-and eat with the sunset, phenomenal. :) i want to go back!!!!

                  1. I noticed the negative comments about Mike's but my wife and I had a spectacular seafood dinner here a couple weeks ago. For me, it's about the place that does the best job with fried foods and Mike's takes the cake as far as I'm concerned. For a more upscale experience, MC Perkins Cove is beautiful and do remember having good cocktails there. For my birthday, I'd be happy with some steamers, some good fried clams and a few pints of Allagash white. : ) Enjoy.