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Aug 19, 2012 04:18 PM

Trip Report 8/12 through 8/16

Got into Metairie about 1:45 PM Sunday and stopped at Deanie’s in Bucktown for a late lunch. There was still a 30 minute wait and I was starving so we sat at the bar and ordered a bbq shrimp appetizer. They brought out a bowl of perfect new potatoes that had been cooked in crab boil. A few minutes later we placed our lunch order as we had decided to just eat at the bar, he ordered the crawfish quartet and I ordered the crab quartet. The shrimp came and they were absolutely delicious. They were a bit overcooked so peeling was a chore but the sauce is heaven. I so wished that I hadn’t ordered my lunch and just got another round of those bbq shrimp. Our lunches were good but nothing special. Our service was good, very friendly helpful staff behind the bar. Wait time was average or a tad bit slow but considering the crowds in there I was quite satisfied. There was still a 20 minute wait when we left at 2:45.

I tried to visit La Boulangerie in December but they were closed due to road work on Magazine so I decided to try again and get a box of pastries to take to the room for later. Closed again!! Won’t reopen until 9/5 or something like that. What’s up with this place? I was really looking forward to trying it. Is it worth another try? I was in the mood for something sweet so we swung by Creole Creamery. I had a coffee ice cream I think and he had the Oaxacan Chocolate. The last two times we’ve been there I just haven’t been gaga over it. That was probably our last trip there. It was good, just not worth the drive, parking, etc. to me.

Monday - reservations at Mr. B’s. We both got the bbq shrimp and I got an order of pommes frites to go with mine. I had a delicious grapefruit margarita and he had several bloody marys. The only difference in this trip than all my other trips to Mr. B’s is that the shrimp were cooked to perfection this time, no mushy shrimp. It is still so delicious but I found myself wanting more Deanie’s bbq shrimp. Mr. B’s are richer and a little better but there was something about those Deanie’s bbq shrimp that made me want more.

Later that afternoon we walked over to the Riverwalk Mall and split an order of CDM beignets and I had a frozen coffee. I have to say the beignets were much better than previous times I’ve had them. Being it was almost closing time for them I was pleasantly surprised.

Tuesday – lunch at Cochon Butcher. I had the special bologna and pimento cheese sandwich which was so delicious. I also got the boudin appetizer which was very good. Hubby had the cubano sandwich which I liked but he wasn’t thrilled over it. He said mine was much better. It’s quite expensive but very good.

Planned on dinner at Domenica for the happy hour pizza but it was closed for a few days so we headed over to Deanie’s in the Quarter for some more bbq shrimp. The Deanie’s in the Quarter is a bit different than Bucktown. Our server took forever to even take our drink order. People seated 15 minutes after us were getting their drink order and new potatoes before our server even made an appearance. He had quite an attitude also. We got the bbq shrimp for 2. It wasn’t quite as good as the dish in Bucktown was but it was still good. The shrimp were once again, overcooked. The dish was huge and we wished we’d gotten the order for one and split it. But we didn’t leave anything behind. For us, it is not a dish that we would ever eat again that late. It was a long night which included going to the vending machines on other floors hunting for crackers at 3 AM. Between the better tasting bbq shrimp dish and the better service, we’ll stick to Bucktown from now on. Also the boiled new potatoes at Bucktown were much better. The ones in the Quarter tasted bland like they were boiled in plain water.

Wednesday – Willie Mae’s fried chicken. I liked the chicken okay. The crust is good but the chicken wasn’t tender at all. It was a good meal but I make much better fried chicken. We hesitated to go there because we like to eat mostly fresh seafood when in NO but a friend had been there recently and told us we had to try it. Okay, we did. Wouldn’t recommend it with so many other great places around. We went over to Angelo Brocato’s for some pastry for later. I got a tiramisu plus almond biscotti and he got amaretto cheesecake. It was all very good, as always. I had a gelato, I think it was called Italian chocolate chip and it was delicious!!

We were going to head out Thursday after lunch but decided to leave early. He dropped me off at Café Beignet to get something to go. I got an order of beignets and got him an egg/bacon/cheese croissant. He loved his, said it was the best breakfast sandwich he’d ever had. I gave him a few bites of my beignets and he said they were also the best he’d ever had. They were huge and so delicious. We will definitely be back to Café Beignet.

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  1. I take it you get over here with some frequency, ay TRT? Sounds like this trip was just so-so foodwise.

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    1. re: sanglier

      I was really impressed with Deanie's (Bucktown) bbq shrimp so I'd say that it was a good trip. I always get Mr. B's, that's a given. Some disappointments but other great finds. We come about twice a year. I enjoy the December trip much more because of the cooler weather and the oysters.

      Do you know of anywhere that serves good frog legs? I rarely get to have them and they are one of my favorites. I might have to find somewhere south of I-10 to get me some soon. There's a place in Winnie just off I-10 but it's over an hour from me. Al-T's, and they are really good there.

      1. re: texasredtop

        Rayne is the frog capital of the world. It's off I-10 about 15 miles west of Lafayette. The Frog Festival begins on November 8th this year. Chef Roy's Frog City Cafe gets excellent reviews although I haven't been there.

        1. re: Big Easy

          I will have to check out that restaurant. November and December are hunting season for us so until that has played out to satisfaction, we stay in Texas. We usually return either the week before or the week after Christmas so I will look it up and get me some frog legs next trip. Thanks BE!!

        2. re: texasredtop

          i recently tried the crabmeat-stuffed frog legs at Restaraunt R'evolution -- they were excellent, no fishy flavor.

          1. re: kibbles

            There shouldn't be any 'fishy flavor" in frog legs. The old saying holds true: good frog legs really DO "taste like chicken"! (good white meat chicken, the meatier the better). ;-)

            1. re: Christine

              I think sometimes it's fishy tasting because it's cooked in the same oil as the fish is cooked. I haven't experienced that but I've heard others say they have. They taste like chicken wings to me. Only better!!! Love frog legs. My Nanny's were the best ever.

              1. re: texasredtop

                ooh, i hadn't thought of that, cooking the legs in the same oil as the fish - yuck! you would not want to treat frog legs the same as fish, since it's not fish. it would be like cooking chicken in the same grease or oil that some fish had just been fried in. i have not experienced that either, redtop, and hope I never do! the problem for me when ordering frog legs (I'm in MO) is that sometimes they are just not meaty enough to suit me and i feel i got ripped off somehow - ha! :-)

                Have a good day!

                1. re: Christine

                  The bigger ones are tough. I always want the smaller or medium ones.

                  Also, I have never understood serving tartar sauce with frog legs. Just doesn't make sense to me.

                  1. re: texasredtop

                    I'm not a tartar sauce fan in general; don't like it on anything. And I'm sure you are right about the big ones being tough, but I'm one of those people who wants a lot of "bang for the buck" if I'm going to have to gnaw around a bone. Unlike you, that is why I'm NOT a fan of chicken wings...that, and the meat is dark. I'm a white-meat girl all the way! ;-0

      2. With regard to La Boulangerie, definitely yes, worth a detour.

        And on a Monday (as I recall ?) also worth a bit further detour to the farmer's market, especially for the Turkish mezes/salads.

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        1. re: foodeye

          I will give it one more shot. Do you know if they have certain times of the year they shut down? Two trips in 8 months has found them closed both times and a sign on the door of when they will reopen - weeks later.

          1. re: texasredtop

            No, sorry, no ideas about their closing times; I guess I have just been luckier than you. Maybe call first, before going out of your way. (504) 269-3777

            (Hopefully they're not like Golden Gate Bakery in SF Chinatown - best dan tat/egg custard tarts ever - but seemingly closed as often as open! For example: