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Aug 19, 2012 03:21 PM

Bar dining in Cleveland?

NJ 'hound here, hoping you can of my friends is headed to Cleveland on business tomorrow, and he says "they're supposed to be feeding us," which I read as HOTEL FOOD. Bleah! Half the fun of traveling is getting to try new food, imo, so I said I'd ask...and recs for good restaurants where he could dine at the bar either solo or with a co-worker? Any/all ideas are welcomed. Thanks!

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  1. I always recommend AMP 150, which is actually at the Cleveland Airport Marriott but definitely not "hotel food" during dinner hours. (Breakfast, it reverts to "hotel food," don't know about lunch.) FANTASTIC craft beer list, and the chef's tasting for dinner is worth a trip. Nice bar area, casual atmosphere.

    1. Greenhouse Tavern (downtown)
      Bar Cento/Biermarkt (Ohio City-- near west side-- short drive or take the Rapid [light rail] from downtown)

      Plenty more options out there, but it'd help to know what side of time they'll be on!

      1. Thanks! No clue where he's staying, but I've asked, and if I find out, I'll post the info here. In the meanwhile, I'll pass these ideas on.

        (Moderator note: I didn't get notifications of these...been having the prob on/off even via the NJ board--what's up?)

        1. Where is the hotel? That can help us make closer recs to where you will be. And will you have access to a car? Chow friends don't let other chow friends eat in hotels!

          1. Not knowing where he is staying makes it a bit difficult....
            If he's out towards the airport, Brew Kettle in Strongsville will certainly fit the bill. (Brew on premise, winery on premise, & distillery on premise.... and pretty darn good food.)
            North of the airport in North Olmsted is Fat Heads saloon. Ridiculously large sandwiches and some decent beer.
            South of town in Richfield is Whitey's Burgers 'n Booze. Killer happy hour, outstanding burgers, chili... if he wants fries, the him to share his friend.
            A bit further south in Bath is Gasoline Alley

            Can't really help with anything northeast, downtown or far west side.... Just don't get to those parts all that often.