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Aug 19, 2012 03:08 PM

prince edward county markets

going to PEC next weekend and was wondering if the wellington farmer's market is worth a visit?

thanks to this board, i have written down places to dine or visit (blumen, east and main, vicki's veggies, slicker's, black river cheese, etc.)

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  1. I have been by there but not visited the vendors. It looks quite small compared to markets here (a small church parking lot with no more than 10 vendors tops) but I know people who buy their bread from one of the vendors and apparently it is very good. The nice thing is you can always head over to Tall Poppy for a coffee or take a stroll through the very pretty lakeside park next to it if you don't find the market all that interesting.

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      I went two weeks ago and the bread was indeed very good, I had something with rye in it and asked them for a "well done" loaf which they were happy to dig around to find for me.
      There was also a woman selling kitchen antiques (bought a few) and her daughter who had some lovely baked goods (there was another baked goods vendor as well with more traditional butter tars, pies etc..). There was a maple syrup vendor, and at least two people selling veg, one of whom was organic.
      If you need more of a selection in the veg department you can head thereafter to Hagermans which is towards Picton just before you reach the roundabout. Barley Days brewery is in that vicinity too.

    2. also found out this is happening next weekend. looks amazing!

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        Vicki's heirloom tomato fest is fabulous -- I went a few years ago and came home with baskets and baskets of them. Plus her farm is a lovely spot to visit.

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          Vicki's is hosting a free tomato tasting on Labour Day weekend, Sept. 1 & 2. They have over 100 varieties this year.

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            that's what my link was about :)

            can't wait to grab some nice tomatoes from vicki's.. i am growing some heirloom varieties in my backyard too, but they are slow to grow this year and are all still small and green, so i won't be harvesting for a couple of weeks yet.

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              oops.. i kept thinking the tomato festival was this weekend but it's next weekend. :(
              picked up a quart of heirloom tomatoes though..

      2. Recently returned from my first real trip to the County - loved every second of it. I can't speak to the farmer's market in Wellington but one thing you should bear in mind is that there are roadside farm stalls set up throughout the county on a daily basis. On our last day, we just drove around and picked up random things at various spots. I second the rec for Vicki's Veggies - they have a very sweet little shop in the front of the farm (unsupervised with a little red money tin to leave your cash in) and it's in a particularly stunning corner of the County. Enjoy.

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        1. for the drive to picton from toronto, is there anywhere good and convenient to stop along the way (during the first half of the drive) for a quick dinner? either quick or maybe even takeout?