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Aug 19, 2012 01:43 PM

Fantasy Football draft locations

I need some new suggestions for a place to hold our annual draft on a Sunday afternoon. The last 3 years it's been at Buffalo Wild Wings on Lemmon and I'm tired of that. BWW is convenient and easy, so we generally just default back to that.

80% of the guys live in uptown, so staying in that general area is usually the best. I guess as long as it was south of 635 and east of Irving it would work, but uptown, lakewood, etc are most desirable.

I sent an email over to Lakewood 1st and 10 earlier, but I can't remember if they have wifi or not.

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  1. For how many people? Do you need food service?

    1. Hmm, I know i had a sentence in there originally stating 9-10 guys. Not sure what happened to it.

      But yeah, food service for sure.

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        Contact Kevin McCormack at the Time Out Tavern and he will hook you up.

        It's located at Inwood and Lovers so it's not far from Uptown.

        You can order in food from nearby Campisi's, Lovers Pizza & Pasta, Jersey Mike's, etc.

      2. Last year I saw people doing a draft at Top Golf. Seemed like a great place, you can always hit a few balls between turns.

        1. I'm looking for a Draft Spot in Arlington. 12 -15 players.