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Aug 19, 2012 01:41 PM

Vegetarian Bday Dinner / Tasting Menu

I wanted to go to Picholine or Blue Hill at Stone Barns for a birthday dinner for a vegetarian friend, but as Picholine is closed until after Labor Day and Blue Hill is booked 2 months out, I'm looking for a plan B. Between the following, which would people recommend?

ABC Kitchen
Blue Hill in Manhattan

Or anywhere else with a vegetarian tasting menu or lots of veggie options for a nice celebratory dinner within the next week or so.


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  1. Here are 13 to consider:

    Recent post with photos for VEGAN at EMP:

    PS Remove Artisanal from that list, unless you love cheese.

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    1. re: thegforceny

      Thanks! Out of curiosity, why do you say remove Artisanal? We do love cheese, which is why I was originally thinking Picholine. I wanted to do Stone Barns for the experience of getting out of the city, was hoping to do an early dinner on a weekend night. Scheduling is difficult for us in advance which is why I'm making reservations only now, although I know that limits options.

    2. ABC Kitchen and Artisanal aren't special enough for a fancy birthday dinner if you were originally thinking Blue Hill at Stone Barns.

      Less than 7 days is not a lot of lead time for the types of restaurants you're looking at -- the really nice places book 3-4 weeks in advance usually.

      I just checked OpenTable and EMP is fully booked -- not surprisingly since they usually have a long wait list each night (200 people according to the NY Times). I couldn't find anything at Per Se in the next seven days, and Daniel only has late times (10pm and onwards).

      Are you willing to dine mid-week? How about early or late?

      I see Sunday for 2 at 8:30pm for Blue Hill in Manhattan available right now. And some good times at Café Boulud. Bouley has some primetime tables available during the week but not Friday or Saturday.

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      1. re: kathryn

        Thanks for the replies. EMP and Daniel are a bit more than I wanted to spend. Mid-week and late are fine.

        Does anyone have thoughts about Adour? I see they have a vegetarian tasting menu for $85pp but I have never been there.

        Would it be worth waiting for Picholine to re-open after Sept. 5?

        1. re: lizcate

          I like Adour. Though we're carnivores, some of the best dishes we've had there have been with vegetables. The kitchen excels with them, so I'm sure that tasting would be delicious. Service is wonderul, and the elegant space is beautiful. However, acc. to the website, their annual summer closing is Aug.19th - Sept. 4th.