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Aug 19, 2012 01:24 PM

Foodie anniversary dinner in OBX

I'm looking for the best restaurant in OBX for a 2nd anniversary dinner for two late-20s foodies staying in Duck this October. We're from Washington, DC and love avant garde, sophisticated, stylish restaurants. Nothing stuffy, stale, or old fashioned. We've been to OBX a number of times (have been to places like Flying Fish and Penguin Isle years ago, but they don't fit our tastes anymore).

The Left Bank looks good (though I'm always wary of restaurants in resorts). Blue Point and Colington Cafe look great menu-wise, but the pictures make them both look a little more casual. Pictures are hard to come by online. I'd love to get your opinions.

Also on my list: The Brine and Bottle, 1587, and Aqua.

We want to be able to celebrate like we would at a big city restaurant - realize that may not be quite possible, but this was the only time that our family could find for vacation, and we do love the Outer Banks.

Really appreciate your help!

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    1. re: sarahinthecity

      I don't think you're going to find "avant garde, sophisticated and stylish" (at least by major city standards) on the outer banks. Its a pretty casual place in general. Blue Point is your best bet, for food and convenient location to Duck.

    2. I very highly recommend Brine & Bottle. It was by far the best meal my fiance and I had when we visited the OBX in June. And I'd say that it was as close to avant garde, sophisticated and stylish as it gets on the OBX. In fact, I thought it could hold a candle to good restaurants in places like Charlotte, the Triangle and Asheville.

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      1. re: ickymettle

        Yep, its so "avant garde, sophist-timi-cated, and stylish" that Diners Drive-ins and Dives recently filmed there.

        +1 for what Carolindawg mentioned earlier. Avant garde doesn't live in OBX. Causal, laid back types live in OBX.

        1. re: ToothTooth

          Interesting. It doesn't seem like the kind of place that "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" would visit. Regardless, it really is a step (or a hundred) above all the other OBX places at which I've eaten.

      2. Thanks. I only used the words avant garde, sophisticated, stylish to describe the kinds of places I like in general - I realize that's not the OBX culture. Semantics aside, I want to be able to get dressed up and not feel out of place. We'll have other dinners while we're there - just want to find a special place for our anniversary :-). I'm leaning toward The Left Bank. And then going to Blue Point and Brine and Bottle on other nights, but can still be swayed.

        1. I would highly recommend Elizabeth's Café and Winery in Duck. I think it might be just what you are looking for!

          1. I think this would fit nicely. A class place.


            edit-Uhpps. I see you mentioned this in your original post. This is the place I think. Cafe should not be in their name. This is one of those places that bring all the servers into a team meeting at 4:30 to discuss the chef's menu for that day. Then the doors open at 5:00p