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Aug 19, 2012 12:58 PM

ISO: Kimchi

Hi everyone,

I'm looking to buy kimchi for home use. Which brand is best?
Anyone want to share their recommendations?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I just purchase it in 1L tubs ready made from the korean market on bloor just west of bathhurst, on the south side of the street. I believe its 4 or 5.99 a L.
    Just googled the addres is 675 bloor street west. PAT Korean Market

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    1. re: cupcakez

      That's where I get it too. They make some without fish/shrimp paste for vegetarians.

    2. Brand names I don't know, but I buy it at Pat, T&T or Lucky Moose

      1. Galleria Supermarket has so many different varieties to pick from... I usually go for the in-store house brand. Tho personally I like taking it home, putting it into a food processor and chopping it up fine, then using that on noodles/rice/omelettes/anything!
        Yonge and Steeles location is open 24hrs

        1. There's a small grocery store just west of Clinton on the north side of Bloor, down a set of stairs. I've been buying the kimchi there for years, and I love it. You can buy big tubs of it and, when it goes sour, use what's left to make kimchi chigae or kimchi fried rice.

          Edit: sorry, I forgot to add that there's no brand. It's just the store's own kimchi.

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          1. re: scrawledinwax

            It's called e-mart. Their kimchi is far superior to any of the ones found @ pat, tnt, galleria.

            I really like their dried radish too.

            1. re: scrawledinwax

              Do you have any idea if they have a vegetarian version (without shrimp/fish sauce)?


            2. I thought I'd resurrect this old thread instead of starting a new one. Does anyone know of any particularly *fancy* kimchi? This is for a gift for a kimchi-loving friend. I hear good things about Galleria. Anyone know if they have more than one kind they make in-house? Thanks!

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              1. re: shudder

                Yes, they have many. There is a big counter with kimchi and various other banchan at the back right of the store, behind the produce.

                1. re: Full tummy

                  That's where I'll be headed then! Thanks.

                2. re: shudder

                  The guy who ran/runs hogtown charcuterie (retail store is currently searching for a new space and I think he is at junction farmers market or some other junction event) made/makes an awesome kimchi, he also made this excellent wild ramp kimchi that I have no idea about the current availability of

                  1. re: shudder

                    Also at Galleria, besides the house brand they also import vac packed kimchi from Korea. I haven tried it though. If you go to Galleria on the weekend they often have kimchi available for sampling.