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Aug 19, 2012 12:33 PM

Sherry vinegar in Edmonton?

Wondering where I can purchase good Sherry vinegar in Edmonton. I have unfortunately run out!

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  1. Try Safeway, they're my best source for Sherry Vinegar in particular (Borges brand).

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    1. re: nutellaluvr

      Really? I'll do that. I live out of town and get to Edmonton bi-monthly or so and have not thought of checking Safeway. Thank you!

    2. The Italian Centres carry a few different brands.

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      1. re: mpad

        I was just there Saturday and they did not have any which I thought was unusual. Do they carry the very good almost syrup-y Sherry vinegar do you know?

        1. re: chefathome


          The next time you are in town, try out EVOOLUTION on 104th Street, just North of Jasper.

          They specialize in olive oil and balsamic vinegars but I did "taste" a sherry flarvoured one too. Great to be able to taste before one buys.

          I picked up a sharp, "green" olive oil from Portugal and a lemon infused one...the latter has been "getting a lot of work" on grilled veggies and meat off the barbeque.

          1. re: Bob Mac

            I have heard of that place but for some reason completely forgot about it on this past trip. Sounds wonderful. When we travel to Europe we love to taste the olive oils, vinegars, cheeses and so on, particularly if they are expensive.

            Whenever we are in Croatia we bring back very new green olive oil. Just brilliant. There is just no comparison, is there?

            Thanks SO much. I am already anticipating our next trip to Edmonton. Can't wait!

          2. re: chefathome

            Odd. Usually they'd have at least two brands. Though not any of the really good stuff, I don't think. Can only think to check the locked cabinet where they keep the good balsamic vinegars.

            1. re: mpad

              Yes - I should have checked that case. Darn it!

              ETA: When there we did see Sherry FLAVOURED vinegar but not Sherry vinegar.

              1. re: chefathome

                Hi there, sorry we're late to reply. Our sherry vinegar is not a flavoured vinegar, but is directly from Jerez, Spain (same origin as Sherry wine). It is cask aged for 25 years using the solera method, and as with all our oils and vinegars, you can try it out before you commit! Hope to see you at the store soon.