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Aug 19, 2012 12:14 PM

Dim Sum in West LA

An suggestions for Dim Sum on the West side We do not want to travel to Down Town or East of Down Town .... we know that is where the best is to be found, but hoping for a suggestion for a Sunday brunch.

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  1. The Palace (11701 Wilshire @ Barrington) appears to be an upgrade over the last iteration of VIP Harbor Seafood at that location. I need to go back to confirm, though. Bao on Beverly Bl. was decent, but pricey, and who knows what they'll look like after they reopen from their renovation. I believe those are the only two Westside sources for dim sum these days.

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    1. re: Chandavkl

      Thanks, I was hoping that I was missing some thing. We have been to both and I agree with your remakrs

      1. re: Chandavkl

        Bao is very good and well more expensive than many by no means expensive. Especially given the nice room, service and full bar. I am taking out from Bao tonight.

        1. re: Thor123

          that might be a problem. they are renovating and will not open til monday.

        2. re: Chandavkl

          I'd go to Chin Chin in Brentwood before The Palace. While their dim selection selection is minimal and preparation more Americanized, at least I can't fool myself into thinking it might be both authentic and good like I do when I go to The Palace (I'll give them authentic, but it's just not very good).

          I like Bao the best out of any place West of the 110. Much better quality, a decent selection, and , yes, pricier.

          Chandavkl, have you been able to try the dim sum from Chynna? I think they've been at a few events and possibly in their soft-open stage. They open September 1st.

          1. re: PeterCC

            PeterCC, with all due respect, Chin Chin is the last place I would consider for anything resembling Chinese food. I can not think of one good dim sum dish. Nor, can I think of any decent soup.. Even their much lauded chicken salad is a mere shadow of it's former self. I will say that the Brentwood location, IMHO is the worst of the Chin Chins. The best is on South Beverly Drive.

            1. re: maudies5

              Well, I don't go there thinking I'm getting Chinese food. Like I said, that way I'm not disappointed like I am every time I go to The Palace, so I was more using it to show my disdain for The Palace rather than as an actual endorsement of Chin Chin. ;-)

              But I do go there (to Chin Chin) on rare occasions because my wife does still like the chicken salad, which is obviously not very Chinese, and the kids like the Jean's Long Life Noodles. I do admit I'll order the Yang Chow fried rice (hard to mess up rice, eggs, shrimp, pork, and peas & carrots) when I'm too lazy to make fried rice myself.

              1. re: PeterCC

                I have actually seen fried rice messed up a couple of times. Most notably in Fargo, ND.

                1. re: Chandavkl

                  Well-prepared fried rice is an art onto itself, and quite difficult to do well.

                  Sort of like scrambled eggs. Everyone can make scrambled eggs, but only a select few can make scrambled eggs well.

                  1. re: ipsedixit

                    Yes, but most steam table 99 cent fried rice is pretty decent.

                    1. re: Chandavkl

                      I think the fried rice at Union Buffet is pretty darn tasty (to echo your point).

                      1. re: Servorg

                        What it is, I think, that helps even mediocre restaurants to make decent fried rice is the industrial-strength burners and the huge woks. It is much harder to get the appropriate temperature on a non-professional stove or a large enough surface area in a consumer "wok" to make good fried rice in a home kitchen without some skill.

                      2. re: Chandavkl

                        Yes, but most steam table 99 cent fried rice is pretty decent.

                        I beg differ.

                2. re: maudies5

                  Yes, Beverly Drive location is edible.

                3. re: PeterCC

                  I'll wait for Chynna to officially open. Maybe even later due to the hype.

                  1. re: Chandavkl

                    I think my mom would slap me silly if I paid $10 for a dim sum dish

                    1. re: ipsedixit

                      Occasionally it's worth it (Lai Wah Heen in Toronto). But yeah, if you have to compare prices to WP24 it's not a good sign.

                      1. re: Chandavkl

                        Most of the items at Bao Dim Sum are in the $4-$5 range for 3-4 nice sized pieces. The 3-piece crispy crab ball is $5.95 and off the charts.


                        1. re: BSW6490

                          We were talking about Chynna, not Bao.

                          1. re: ipsedixit

                            I understand. Early comment was that Bao too was pricy. Looking at the menu at Chynna, it seems most of their dim sum is priced $4-$5 as well.

                      2. re: ipsedixit

                        Haha, then don't eat dim sum in DC.

                        (Couldn't help myself - been living in DC for past yr and a half, coming back for a LA trip...)

                        1. re: mdpilam

                          Price isn't the main reason for not eating dim sum in DC. (Referring to the city limits. OK stuff in VA, MD).

                          1. re: Chandavkl

                            Bao Dim Sum House is NOT good. I was really looking forward to trying this place, and everything left this horrific artificial aftertaste that made me nauseous.

                            1. re: FML

                              I presume this is under the new management which re-opened the restaurant this week.

                              1. re: Chandavkl

                                Actually, I believe they re-open Monday. I also dont think management is changing. In any event, I think its quite good and certainly the best on the Westsside.

                                1. re: BSW6490

                                  All management and 75% of staff has definitely changed. Also heard some kitchen has left.

                4. Been to The Palace twice...went with minimal expectations and on both occasions they were exceeded...shrimp tasted quite fresh and juicy...attentive wait problem.....not SGV but then, what is!